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The lover after the 4th marriage of wife [achieve a hair formerly] [4p]Consider carefully repeatedly, a few extramarital affair people that still decide a wife are written, basically be to take a commemoration day, the following moment, search to have a look, the sense is quite good. Wife passes a few 3p with old K, feeling more and more put left, see, wife likes to go up this kind of new man brings sexual love to stimulate, of course to wife such change my dispute often sees gladly, I hope wife can turn people place into saying bus, loose woman, want to let wife go out to hold two or more posts concurrently even when the hooter, arm of a pair of jade 1000 people pillow, the least bit 10 thousand guests taste bright red lip wanting also is very exciting. Of course these my idea dare not say with wife at that time, ah. Pass the communication communication with wife, wife agrees with me to develop other sheet again male, premise is must wife cross-eye predestined relationship, and I also encourage wife to be walked out of more, attend the party that colleague of a few friends organizes, have appropriate can develop, later, the wine bureau that attends rarely before wife, now wife basically is to have those who make need, knew small Z with respect to such wife, small Z is smaller than wife 5 years old, with wife, inside congeneric system, it is 武汉茶友论坛different branch only just. Because of him the home and my home are the same as one azimuth, so party hind has small Z to send wife to come home, he can talk very much, the mouth is very sweet, carry what the woman likes to listen to say only, what chat with wife so is very happy, returned each other to add small letter, wife coming back to speak of him with me also is enraptured, do I ask wife he thinks bubble you? Wife says not to know, ask me again, if small Z has idea really, how should she do? I say how that still can do, if you have a feeling to him, that develops, go to bed of this go to bed, should make love make love, I support. Since then, wife and small Z almost every day small letter chats, chatting content also is sent his respects to each other by what begin, greet, in the parent short become ambiguous rise, for instance he can say special the intellectual grace that admires wife, what look upon problem matures to again deepness; can flatter wife maintains is good, the skin is white tender slender, look even smaller than him 5 years old, if young when encounter affirmative meeting to be gone after desperately. Wife sees chatting content time to me I know he wants to do my wife, all these is a road, and wife special also eat this one, let those who get be elated he is funny. Wife tells me Zhou Wu to he makes an appointment with wife to have a meal together, ask I do not go? I look at the expression that wife expects, feel sad having a place is contradictory, but the stimulation that wears green hat for that wife, delighted still agreed, must go, but want for the first time a bit more missish, not too active, thirsty like the gender same. Wife is bashful white I say to know! Zhou Wu, after wife bathing dress and make up dresses up, went out, and I am more off the rails than wife first time also want calm a lot of, in an orderly way is in the home serves the child to have a meal study sleeps, after the child sleeps already much at 9 o’clock in the evening, wife still is done not have come back, do I want to won’t let him hold tonight? That also too not missish! I have bit of excitement to also have mug-up sick at heart, fast at 10 o’clock when, wife came back eventually, look at wife the appearance of one f武汉夜生活桑拿论坛网ace peach blossom, I play wife to the bedroom to ask about rapidly: “How, was done? “” not ” wife has a dot to say bashfully. I have bit of disappointment to have a place again gratified, I overturn wife on the bed, before the briefs of wife wet have teacup opening so big together, take off next briefs, the coquettish of wife forces drenched extensive is worn water is smooth, two nympha are parting to both sides, show dripping the vaginal mouth of water. Wife pulls me to the body, of too impatient to wait in me side side says ” insert quickly come in! Hold me! Was overcome. ” I look at the appearance with thirsty wife, the decision satisfies wife first, when I insert wife watery coquettish to force, I know wife did not lie, if wife just was held by him, the vagina can become loose, now is only wet slip again, closer still, I am fast energetically smoke insert, very fast wife with respect to the climax, this should be the fastest climax in memory! I dare not ejaculate, because I hear wife report even, acid of the understanding after I am afraid of my climax regrets. Wife delay crosses interest to come, find out the recording that gives me tonight, listen to report the progress tonight to me at the same time at the same time, two people are afraid of encounter acquaintance, the restaurant facing an area that go, when having a meal very normal, chat namely, working family child, it is compliment wife next, it is a road of the man, what do not pass or let wife listen is very glad, wife says to prove he still has charm, charming to the man. When turning back, because small Z drank two cups of beer, let wife drive so, he couldn’t help, begin to feel wife procurable, wife did not refuse, feel the ham of wife then, wife puts away to him, he is put again, feel at the same time at the same time the skin of boast wife is good, smooth and exquisite, wife should drive, be forced to be felt along with him, should extend ham root to be about to be felt when him when coquettish forces, wife checked stoutly. Wife says actually he feels the ham of wife, wife forces with respect to sensory coquettish a moisture, ah. When passing the parking lot of a park, small Z should go in go to the lavatory, wife knows he wants what to do, still can take car turn parking lot, stop in an obscure corner below his direct, small Z is pulling wife to come to backlash, closely entertaining wife, saying to like the word of wife, wife begins hypocrisy to refusing, when small Z kisses wife, wife opens the mouth amenably, receive the tongue of small Z, the tongue of wife and his tongue is twined together, thirsty absorb is worn each other saliva. Small Z is kissed with wife at the same time, release the breast of wife from the dress at the same time, two hands are being dallied with wantonly, contain the breast of wife with mouth alternate again then, fiddling with with the tongue tit, the wife that dally with remains asthma thick gas and groan voice only. Small Z praises the breast of wife is plump and strong beautiful, say his wife gives birth to the child shrivelled, saying wife is glad. Tongue of small Z mouth is dallying with the breast of wife, the hand also does not have at a loose end, place from the skirt of wife extend to pudenda, wife says she has refused, nevertheless I feel this job wife lay, coquettish forces Sao is extremely urticant, how does meeting be willing to part with or use refuse! Small Z plaints the water quantity that wife coquettish forces, say to wife ” elder sister, your water is really much, I liked too! ” small Z uses finger to slide back and forth down the labium of wife first, next forefinger gently insert into wife vagina, make a round trip smoke inserting, big toe presses the clitoris that approaching wife, wife says the feeling wants mad like was being dropped, not dare vociferous come out, be forced emphatic twist is worn the buttock, two ham from time to time exerts oneself to do sth. clamp, from time to time parts energetically, the depression gives out in the mouth ” hum… hum… hum… ” sound, very fast, wife came one wave height is wet, wead and limp is on backlash, at this moment small Z took off trousers, holding out chicken cling to be about to force toward wife coquettish in insert, wife restored a few reason, hasten refuse, small Z entreats wife to let him be done, say such too afflictive. Wife says to want to consider again, have a thought preparation, be in the next time him, final small Z compromised, request wife to hit a handgun to be done to him nevertheless, wife agreed, small Z also was to be borne very long, did not give or take a lot of trouble came out, send wife to come home next. Listen to recording and wife tell about, gush of my blood arteries and veins piece, float reveals the picture that wife is dallied with by him before, press in on wife body one to smoke immediately insert, shoot very quickly force in wife in, wife slept then, look at the face with contented wife, I know the desire of wife is released by me really, estimate have more than is needed a few days to be able to let small Z hold. My prophecy became reality very quickly, small Z makes an appointment with wife to have a meal again after 3 days, after agreeing, wife just says with me, I say to wife: “He can hold you for certain on tonight. “Wife also agrees with my view: “Hum, he won’t send me today, anyway morning and evening should give him, he wants to give him ” ” hum, travel, the big chicken that tastes him it is what feeling, be enjoyed well! Did not forget to give me recording. ” I support wife. 20 minutes are less than to make a telephone call to me after wife goes, I武汉夜网论坛DS am surprised receive rise: ? 8   is depended on spring with チ exacting of  of タ of  making fun of  makes fun of  stool a key to do sth to persuade Yan bright brandish of unreal of  of  of summary Lei Yuan Geng goes buy of that mallet center makes fun of a bow drawn to the full of  Fu window. Handsome? of temple of  of urgent negative enzymatic  enjoys joyous armour of  of Yu of window of Fu of Mo of thin full beat to go well, how? Have excitement, appear and disappear a water? ” I am dallying with wife. “Hum, very exciting, give water, he came out, hanged. ” wife ring off, I also cooked without the mood, outside ordering a share to the child, sell, oneself begin imagine, how can he do wife, can wear cover! Passed about 20 minutes, I decide to make a telephone call to wife, want to the past is hit to wife after good reason, my heart phut phut jumps continuously, small perhaps Z is doing wife, have the feeling that has kind of practical joke, the sound with namby-pamby wife is transmitted in the phone, when apparent peace different, I and wife talked nonsense one hanged a phone, hit again after 10 minutes, I am to think when calling, wife as it happens lets small Z be being held, stimulate more in that way. At 9 o’clock half wife came back, look at the coquettish appearance of wife, I am stimulated dead, ask about: excitedly? Bai Juan?” “Hum “”A few? “A few?? “Two. “Two.. ” covered? ” covered?? “Without! “Without!! “Shot inside! ? ?? “Without, outside body, shot abdomen to go up. Shot abdomen to go up.. “Are you being held when I call? “Are you being held when I call?? “Without, for the first time I bend over to pick up the telephone on the bed, he is in the buttock that licks me, the 2nd times he just was shot, brushing stalemate to shoot the seminal fluid on abdomen to me. Brushing stalemate to shoot the seminal fluid on abdomen to me.. I am extremely excited, find out recording rapidly, listen to let wife tell about a course at the same time at the same time. Two people enter a room to be held in the arms together, small Z kisses wife at the same time, touching the mammary ham buttock of wife at the same time, stay in the pudenda of wife finally, wife also is thirsty and intolerable, below early wet, abandoned so called missish, the kiss that catering to small Z actively and touch, two people are very fast bare meet, go toilet was rinsed come to the bed, at this moment my phone was hit, when wife bends over to talk with me on the bed, nibble of small Z kiss is worn the buttock of wife fat, drop a telephone call, small Z is about to do wife, two bottles want him to wear set, he says to forget bought, make wi武汉夜网狼盟sz027fe good grouse, he promises to be not shot absolutely finally inside, wife just agrees with him to insert, what variety was not used when just was being inserted, it is violent all the time smoke insert, wife also is to holding him in the arms closely, buttock emphatic is raised will cater to him, the body transmits to collide together to give out in earphone ” bang bang ” sound, differ meeting, small Z rate is slow come down, come out again the conversational sound of two people ” how? Comfortable? ” small Z asks wife. “Hum, comfortable. Comfortable.. “Where is comfortable? “Where is comfortable?? “Force force comfortable “”Like me to hold you? Is what I hold comfortable or is what your husband holds comfortable? Is what I hold comfortable or is what your husband holds comfortable?? “Ah… like… hum… you are done comfortably… a bit faster ” accelerate rate as small Z, wife is a bit incoherent. Wife tells me, his chicken cling to not quite, function force also is not very doughty, can be the chicken that becomes him cling to when inserting, the coquettish of wife forces resemble getting an electric shock same, of hemp of crisp limp and numb spread to the whol武汉养生放水推荐2020e body, invite the whole body each cell knows peaceful crisp feel well, perhaps this is the reason of the fresh stimulation of stranger. Very fast two people are about to reach a climax, she is holding small Z in the arms closely, the buttock is raised forcibly, pudenda supports the private part of small Z, he wants the Hou Ruguo when wife says that inside if shooting, wife can refuse far from, last hour, small Z pulls out chicken cling to, an ejaculation is in seminal fluid on wife abdomen, still a few shoot the neck on the face in wife, wife wead and limp does not consider an activity on the bed, small Z rises to wipe the seminal fluid on abdomen and face to wife, at this moment my phone was hit again, hang a phone, two people cuddle is worn rested a little while, wife wants to wear the dress, small Z still wants to come again, wife is unable to dissuade him, two people have begin a kiss to touch rise, small Z wants to let wife give him oral sex, wife hesitated, still agreed, the chicken that wife is containing him cling to, the tongue licks lap to wear on his glans, absorb is worn, does small Z also send contented groan: ? Ao is contrary to  is contrary to  of  of     is lazy  of  of Dian of have illicit relations with of E making fun of  is contrary to Pi of П of accept of astounded of You of  of second of  of  of  of spoon of  dumb ü standing tall and upright! Stretch tight?9 of Mo of discipline of  of ┤ Sou earnest, transmit in recording ” Chi is smooth, chi is smooth ” lick sound absorption, the groan that still has wife easy bright ” ah… hum… comfortable… comfortable ah… you should play me dead. ” fall in the signal of small Z, wife parts the leg crouchs on his body, helping chicken up single-handed cling to alignment coquettish forces sit, next fast activity is worn the buttock, that ” bang, bang bang ” gush of arteries and veins of my what sound listens blood piece, very fast wife does not have effort, small Z take advantage of an opportunity lets wife bend over to go up in the bed, the coquettish that doing wife from the back next forces, still flapping at the same time the buttock of wife, “How? What am I doing? What am I doing?? “In hold me “”Hold your where? “Hold your where?? “Those who hold me force, hum… hum… you should hold me dead… ah… “Listening to twittering of wife from time to time, from time to time is depressive, the groan with sodorous from time to time makes a bed, I know right now wife is very excited and contented, although this excitement is contented,I am not brought, but I want this, wife lets others hold, give me cuckold, I imagine a wife to becoming warped at the moment after the buttock lets small Z, enter, ride in the coquettish on his body to force taking in and send out in large quantities his chicken cling to, the chicken that containing him cling to give him a series of pictures such as oral sex, excitement stimulates the mood of impure a few feel sad to be full of my cerebra, my signal wife gives me oral sex, look at what wife uses a heart to licking chicken to me cling to, wanting to give small Z to be being licked so likewise in wife of not long ago, stimulated more. And the wife in recording and small Z also near end, wife said to change a posture again now, small Z raises the leg of wife high put on the shoulder, raise the buttock of wife forcibly come, such chicken cling to can insert deeper, wife falls to making aloud moaning in his violent aggression ” ah… ah… hum… bright ah! ” very fast small Z shoots the belly in wife again, cleared a little, two people wead and limp is on the bed, rested a little while, bathe next person, from arrive into the room leave a hour many a little bit, dripping wet of merry and lively did wife twice. Then two people looked for an a slap-bang shop to have a meal, one’s proper business does, having a meal is less important, ate a meal to send wife, on the road around the village, small Z feels wife again charming puff and blow. Listen to the narration of recording and wife, my gallinaceous Ba Zao is hard already be like iron, the apart leg of wife tacit understanding lies on the bed, look at the coquettish that just let small Z be held twice to force, still embellish of so red tender water, I slowly insert go in, experiencing inside satiny the feeling with the Song Song that just has been held, although wife says he was shot outside, but inside wife vagina with exceed common satiny let I feel small Z or a few seminal fluid are shot be inside, this kind of feeling that brushs boiler to wife makes me more excited and exciting, do not have a few times, I am shot be inside wife, shoot, the sort of feel sad, empty, the mood of be swayed by considerations of gain and loss is caused, I am being concealed carefully, be afraid of be become aware by wife. I cleared to wife, wife should be too tired, was asleep very quickly, look at wife plump white light body, wanting to bend over in small Z of not long ago cultivated on wife body, the breast is appeared by the Bai Li of his knead red, the tit is sucked by him still strong, it is in my heart self-condemned, repent, the stimulation for that moment is delighted, I deliberately plan let wife give me cuckold, persuade wife to follow other man go to bed, it is worth while to such doing! But look at what wife satisfies to be asleep, we had not answered the past, wife also likes to go up to stimulate and be satisfied of the sex that new man brings her, wife feels he is right the appeal of other man sexual, him specification still has charm, this wife is very proud. Actually I also know, because I just ejaculate,this kind of mood is, at virtuous person just always can cause spread, cannot pass how long, there is a feeling in the sort of excited stimulation that I can yearn for wife to

let a person hold me to bring, incite wife to go out again then my cuckold, enter next metempsychosis next. Nevertheless most the proper limits for speech or action that letting what I admire is wife feels, small Z wife let him be held 4 times only determined disconnected, wife says time grew, hard to avoid will be sentient dispute, produced a thing to the loss outweights the gain finally. The lover after the 4th marriage of wife writes this, organic meeting is written again after other, the photograph is finish with small Z a few pieces of feature article or story that after coming back, take, everybody feels how. 20190714_004132.jpg (478.44 KB)2019-7-14 00:45[Hide][/hide][Hide][/hide] This card is final by libidinal sea at 2019-8-10 16:28 editors8 editorsAccessory20190714_003117.jpg(700.42 KB)2019-7-14 00:4520190714_002856.jpg(692.61 KB)2019-7-14 00:4520190714_003017.jpg(776.81 KB)2019-7-14 00:45Grading records this note recentlyThe artillery piece of a thousand liGold coin+ 156Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-7-14 09:11The artillery piece of a thousand liFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-7-14 09:11The artillery piece of a thousand liContribute+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-7-14 09:11

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