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[achieve a hair formerly] I help torrential rain of benefit from benefit from she asks one lot of ripe Fu I eat bean curdThis is a paragraph of unripe vivid small episode the full name that I do not know the othe武汉夜生活论坛r side even, call her ripe Fu for convenient description. Last weeks are full weather situation of China everybody the know exactly about sth in the heart, the sky falls big damage caused by waterlogging kills rainstorm each district ceaseless. Here issued heavy rain suddenly in a day of last week likewise. The circumstance is at that time such, original weather forecast says to want to rain, result a hour of a hour went to see day north did not rain from beginning to end only. I see a client afternoon with the friend, was over had been at 78 o’clock we did not return a company, I sit it is good that his car lets him put me put me in taxi place. As a result he puts me in a dial, I say I cross a street to sit the bus calculated. Came magically, a few seconds that waiting for traffic light issued rain suddenly, and pluvial situation arrives to estimate greatly as a child also the time with respect to a few seconds, there is to reserve in my knapsack fortunately the umbre武汉夜盟DFYHlla is maintained. Right now on the side have an it seems the ripe Fu of more than 40 just goes to the side of me, red of dress white show solicitude for grows skirt, show solicitude for foils a pair of gigantic breast particularly tremendously. Just she is on the side of me side when rain just still began her to raise a hand to be put in keep out of the top of head, when she runs over rapidly when green light is bright take shelter from rain below crossover, crossroads is above this dial. And I am hitting an umbrella not to no hurry unbearably elegant slow don’t go yet wait for next permission to go ahead with some project to the side of her. The rain outside this moment already special big. Green light shines again I cross a street, ripe Fu may want to not be in in the consideration the bridge is coarse rain is a bit less go again, feel possibly later or run at a heat rapid ran again, still exceeded me. The roadside on is building an overline bridge at the moment, return below round caution card. But ripe Fu also is considered at the moment do not get these go to inside crowded, rot the road adds fluctuation rain to hit namely originally inside the result wet the likelihood is a bit slippery, what she wears is high-heeled shoes result with respect to trip of side of in the future, I go at the back to looked to be frightened jump. Run over to want to help her up at once, the rainwater above gathered together the mud that little river develops excavate road surface became diminutive mud-rock flow to eroding the buttock of ripe Fu, that appearance is to want really much more helter-skelter have many helter-skelter. I am busy say you do not have a thing, try to help her up to rise at the same time, open an umbrella to her at the same time, do on my body wet also. When helping her up, be unavoidable to have some of body contact, the hand held several that flavor on ripe Fu bosom still is pretty good. Her station is flabby I can prop up her to fall downward no longer with my body only, the mud on her skirt is added to my body directly but advantage is I use chicken cling to the flexibility that experienced her buttock. She says she stands not to rise a bit, I let her be built single-handed with respect to take advantage of an opportunity what in me the skill on shoulder helps her up is alar. She estimates is the bosom that falls a bit muddledly to did not notice my hand is holding her because her attention was in centrally on this hand that helps me up,also may be. Sit down over there the window on the side of the appearance that I help her up to the side to let first, she just wants to thank me. I say to do not have a thing, draw out a paper to give her next, she bent a waist ouch ouch cry continuously, I say to help you brush. Begin to still be brushing really, brush from the back became lying b武汉夜网论坛DFetween paper to touch her, she feels embarrassed a bit come to an agreement or understanding good, I say where you stay in I send you. She says to feel embarrassed I take a rest here etc meeting oneself go. I say otherwise you hit a phone to let them receive you to your family, I wait here. She takes out a phone to see screen fall bad, nodded a long time on screen without reaction, I say those who take me to hit, she cannot remember telephone number again. I say you fall to fall again so so heavy rain, I still send you to go back. She did not object thanking me next I am helping her up to go, because rain is too big, radical hide from view does not stay in my umbrella to be able to be squeezed very nearly only, my cuddle is worn her waist lets her more stand by some, the fragrance on ripe female body waves, as ambulate my hand feels her bosom to slip again a little while a little while below the buttock that feels her, she begins to return twist a few times but it is informal finally that she falls so that ache a bit to add rain to do not have hiding place really greatly so I was felt. From her the place of trip reachs her home village the likelihood is controlled 300 meters, but we go very adagio, I still chat with her among alleviation atmosphere. Know she ate a meal to go to the village around dancing, the feeling should rain to come back who knew to fall down

on the road, how to encounter me to still do not know to do otherwise fortunately? Next I praised her figure is very temperamental get dance very much for certain, do not have all the way little flatter she, she is quite glad still. Enter a village I send excellent doorway her, she is right me persistently acknowledgment. I wanted to say this is our lot, she is breathed out ah laugh. I say then I went, she invites me to sit into house sit let her husband blow the dress to me. I listen calculated, insist to want. She with respect to come to an agreement or understanding, let my road go up to go back bit more carefully rapidly change clothes lest caught a cold. I say to still be hated to part with a bit. She laughed again, what to say those who hate to part with to have? I say we are embraced saying to go by to hold her in the arms, her take advantage of an opportunity stretchs double arm to be embraced with me, holding in the arms holding me in the arms to begin to kiss her, her hum I say we go stair well is held in the arms. Embracing next go chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position of a few paces left inside stair well, the more mad kisses her neck that dark environment makes my courage big rise to hold her in the arms so that die to death directly here, the hand also was unlocked thoroughly catch on her buttock flesh hold. She says dub aches, I carry her on the head in the bosom that rub exerts all my strength to knead her on the wall. She also stretchs her hand go feeling below me, my unlock slide fastener lets his brother come out to breathe freely fully, the little brother that she captures me is covered lane. I am impolite also the fleshy acupuncture point that the skirt that scoops her stretchs my hand to touch her into her briefs. Her briefs is thoroughly drenched, knowing how many having is rainwater is excessive water. I fall to shoot in her lane finally was inShe is gotten on by turbid and flyblown red skirt. We arranged the dress a little while, she is laughing to say you are satisfactory this. Did I kiss her to say readily next time can I make an appointment with you to come out? She says to depend. I say I add you a small letter. She said her telephone number with me. I sent an application, she says to waited for her mobile phone to foster cordial relations between states to add me again only. I say to do not have a thing I wait for you. Next she patted me to say to go quickly, wanted to catch a武汉新茶网址 cold. See I went up elevator, she just draws out a key to open the door. I still am recalling the flavour of ripe Fu in elevator, I am careful later nevertheless memory feels or special environment and special event just let her be full of glamour, although the figure is correct,think her carefully, but feel compared with friend of artillery piece of another my ripe Fu each respect still wants a武汉夜网论坛DSll but. She did not pass my good friend application all the time later. This thing also is ended up with nothing definite so. Grading records this note recentlyHappy oneGold coin+ 65Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2020-7-7 16:52Happy oneContribute+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2020-7-7 16:52

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