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Just saw a topic that 8 years old of little girls were held 10 years by the grandfather, a few memory that arouse. A moment ago saw in the website that says a little girl 8 years old to begin to mix grandfather Kao , still be informed against by neighbour later was caught. Actually such thing, I do not know you how look upon. Estimating a lot of person is very of gent say a birds and beasts. Also just is these people that say others birds and beasts, perhaps return birds and beasts than birds and beasts really. Of course I am not advocated young hand in, force especially the sort of. If be freewill really, actually also it doesn’t matter is bad, because myself has a few to be experienced personally, do not say me today. Say a thing that I remember, the thing is to was controlled 1998 probably, at that time we here color television is still do not gain ground, very artful nevertheless is me home of the neighbour adjoining has, , still did a videocorder. When beginning put the motion picture namely by day, the child slept to just put yellow dish in the evening. Become known day puts yellow dish occasionally later. Be being written down he is basically only is full a place of strategic importance one house person, looking. Men and women has. 198Say subject, introduce simply first, my home and her home lie between a a meter many high earth fence, two discuss at that time public a manure pit, the toilet was built with respect to partition, of my home in southeast horn of his home be in southwest corner, looking of course is not to see on, but two people go up together the toilet talks about a day still is possible. The thing is in a day night, see a movie where, remembering those who put beginning should be person snake big fight, put yellow dish later, seeming is a heroine bathes in the bathroom, saying his is the empress that play a vertical bamboo flute of what, homebred still. I think defecate, also co武汉夜网狼盟sz027me home will crouch latrine. Just went in not how old a little whi武汉夜生活论坛le, hear the adjoining voice that has pass water, reckon which my dear brother does not have make water to be over nevertheless, heard the voice of a girl, tell the truth, hear somebody is normal, hear talking voice, but the toilet hears one male one female conversation, it is not quite normal to have a place really. I can listen to this girl who is coming out, it is the niece of this man, this man takes the second in the home, this girl is old 3 girl, for from the back good say to you, have an assumed name to them, male call 2 seas, cry femaly small orchid. Begin a head two I did not listen clear, going up after all toilet, not too care about. After saying two a little, I have bit of meaning suddenly. Hear 2 seas say, be no good small orchid, you are small still. I still am your uncle. I am done not have here call武汉夜网论坛QEQing an uncle call father’s elder brother. Let go quickly (loose meaning) . Small orchid say, I visit father’s elder brother a little while, play a little while to go? 2 seas say, be no good, quickly, let go quickly. Small orchid say, I feel uncle, good. 2 seas say, you look at girl, how so not obedient. Small orchid: Resemble containing a thing in the mouth, those who say is not clear, said later, not delicious also. 2 seas: It is what girl really, this is original not delicious. Small orchid: But I look,they eat in TV but sweet. 2 seas: Do you also want to be very popular? Small orchid: Favour! 2 seas: Here is no good, go, I take you to go to a place, I tell you how to have ability sweet. 519Small orchid: True? 2 seas? True! A little while here bearer is awful strong. Saying two people to go outside. I: . . . . . I: Curious. . . I: Brush the buttock to carry trousers at onceI: Chase after. . . . Secretly chase after. . . . The courtyard that they went to discarding later, courtyard nature also is earthy wall, tall place 1 meter many, low place does not arrive half meters, there is a house to did not lock up the door inside, those who put is wheat straw. Do not ask why I know, we are small companionate, carrying the parent on the back to be in secretly by day which turn a tractor (break golden flower namely, playing card) . Do not gamble nevertheless, bet paper, bet vitreous ball. Basic it is this different. So I know that place, see them go in house. I also entered a courtyard accordingly, did not go doorway, went from the back, because from the back have a crack, not small still have fist so wide, we go up with wheat straw a place of strategic importance. I go from the back is of course come out wheat straw lane. Looking is not to look not clear, it is in the evening after all, have a moon fortunately nevertheless, detail is invisible, be no problem probably. 2 seas: Small orchid, how do you remember me to lick (this locality language, to go to the lavatory chicken changes at the back of your understanding cling to, ) ? Small orchid: Uncle, I look at the Dou Kexiang that they eat in TV, I also can want to try. 2 seas: Girl, are you how old this year? Have 10 years old? Small orchid: 9 years old half2 seas: 9 years old half! ? . . . When where you a moment ago ate does when where you a moment ago ate, what taste? Small orchid: Say not to come out, quite strange, without TV in look at delicious! 2 seas: Which do you know to be what not delicious? Small orchid: Do not know! 2 seas: I tell you a little while, do you say to want to eat for what with me first? Want to eat me for what? Small orchid very in a low voice very feel embarrassed say: ? Does  of Yu of mandarin orange of admire Sun Mian bow with hands clasped to  ? ⅰ of ⒊ of the Yin on ministry of second of  of abundant of wild breed of  of mellow  Yi Wei? 2 seas: Which do not eat the where of武汉真正可以约的app your pa for what? Will eat me for what? Small orchid: I saw my Mom eat again yesterday, I went, still frightened my pa Mom to jump. They let me go, time sleep on the bed. Say my children understands a wind. 2 seas: Oh. . . Hum. How your Mom eats to your pa? Small orchid: Namely so eat, resemble TV in in that way? 89812 seas: So much person do you eat to me for what? Small orchid: When they ate yesterday, what my Mom says my father is small, do not have TV in big, do not have TV for certain in sweet. My father says, want to eat what be very popular greatly to go to those who have our 2 elder brother. His big. Should can let you coquettish forces satisfy a craving, let you eating sweet. 2 seas: . . . . . 2 seas: ? Small orchid: Your big. Of my pa those who do not have you is so big. Can you be you why not sweet? 2 seas: Wanting to be very popular is, you help me eat again, look sweet? This moment 2 seas took

off trousers directly. Size I am invisible, unintelligible look at not small also, reckon is worn resemble a carrot so big. Small orchid contained mouth again go up, ate to be done not have a few times, small orchid say: Uncle, not sweet still? 2 seas: Which you take off trousers first, I teach you to become sweet how, of benefit of small Lan Ma took off trousers. The direct handle with 2 impolite also seas was put small orchid knead of ham root ministry rise, small Lan Jiao laughs, cough up chuckles, uncle can itch. 2 seas say, urticant right, had your a little while to itch only. You just can eat sweet, small orchid wade in that way was in on the ground, 2 seas are being felt with the hand small orchid . Do not know as to me what feel how, it is small only orchid laugh a little while, a little while of hum hum cry. This time is little orchid say, how don’t you eat me? I see what they eat in TV but sweet, 2 seas hear this word, also licked with respect to take advantage of an opportunity go up, small the reputation of orchid hum is bigger. Again later, small orchid武汉夜网论坛DL the head that placing 2 seas with the leg ah do not let lick. Crossed 2 seas a little while to be felt with the hand small orchid below, also do not know to be what, hear small orchid say, can ache. 2 seas say, girl first time aches, next time good, ache a little while, if you do not ache, you taste still won’t sweet, small Lan Ye is done not have so revolted. Again next, 2 seas bent over small on orchid body, use chicken cling to very small orchid , reckon is too small, do not ask how I know, I from 7 8 year old begin to feel . I know for certain. Small crying to ache all the time in orchid mouth, 2 seas also did not abandon, cry later small orchid on bended knees supports from the back, small orchid or cry out aches, this moment, 2 seas say, small orchid, otherwise today not Kao your , eye of Kao your buttock, didn’t you see, in TV Kao buttock eye. Small orchid say: ? Does fatigued of grey  anxiety hold K of school   in the palm to carry cape of He Yi Kong to be contrary to Li of Nuo of ё of eggplant of colour of R of  of  of the ox end  of  Zhui Pan Sang always osmic admire Xi and busy rank make an appointment with department of Hangzhou Π exuviate to be contrary to is  sluggish busy calls ± plan ü copy? Does Ge of anxiety of canister of free time of Fu of  of grey  of Cui of D of trade the residence of a high official make fun of bottom of K of excuse me of hamper of post Bei of ヒ of  of  of  Yi Ya チ of ⒍ of cutout of fan of ü of  of difficult  of envy of ± of ⌒ of  of  of  S be ignorant of does bad of Huang grand V censure Tang of  ザ Ai also?  class  season of ± of Huang approach  removes the residence of a high official of  of  of large bamboo hat of  of  of the ash that carry  6  K carries  of mulberry of  anxiety Tan to stew reason of cover with a straw mat of ü of  of the ox end Sou to embed prostitute of ± of プ ox  to carry  emperor to pull  of  large bamboo hat 2 Huang Qiao Jia. . . Ah. . . . cry. Still say in 2 seas mouth, you are an inherent small coquettish really force, . There is speed to also did not stop in the mouth, reckon is worn have one small meeting, as small Lan Yisheng low growl, 2 seas also were not moved straight. Carry trousers namely next, small orchid crouch defecate, (knew she is not defecate at that time now, it is to pull spermatozoon outside) . Again they were met later. Should come next me also He Xiaolan has talked about these topics. . . . Now this girl also near 30. What had lived nevertheless is very happy really. Want to communicate with me again, the connection way that seeks me inside the article, copyright does not let send an individual to contact means, clever you should find, reminding casually is Qq. Reminding casually is Qq.. This card is final by Aihuan115 at 2020-12-6 10:54 editors4 editors

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