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Talk how to raise success agreement big gun to lead from the man’s angle and everybodyDid not go up in SIS for ages effervescent, be used to the manner with a spectator quite ” laugh see a flower blossom fall, easy of weak cirrus seeing the cloud ” , the likelihood is and after standing, the mood and mood tend insipid cause. Be sent today on be seized by a whim stick, basically was to see a female netizen is in ” illicit is close fun board piece ” in of hair stick, those who tell is the angle with the woman teachs you how the heart of capture woman, raise the distance that lets two people to turn to be worth to be led successfully to lose, confront a woman make an appointment with bubble what the heart road course of this kind of thing depicts with all sorts of reaction is lifelike. The individual suggests broad wolf is friendly people floriferous time sees such card, the case that discusses inside and the experience that impart can use at actual combat, digest proper, experience to reach the designated position, application can change those who be successful fructification so oneself, unlike is illicit close fun board piece in quite partial card is given priority to with YY, recumbent imagination goes painted screen allay one’s hunger, flicker is broad the wolf is friendly, allow authority go astray, be without solid hold value, allow broad netizen get half the result with twice the effort finally, taking result is act in a way that defeats one’s purpose. Have feeling at that female netizen " intendment cuts condition " good article, I also am mixed broad wolf is friendly people a few experience that share oneself, discuss from the angle of a man and everybody how to raise the successful rate that restricts bubble, hope can everybody can find a few inspiration from which, know feminine heart already, have man taste again, the bosom friend tells the other, square can 100 battle do not danger. The first, patientDo not know everybody looks not to view animal world or a few lives about the animal newsreel in channel of central 9 records, at the prey person of top of animal world food chain, having one exception is the top class hunter that has super patience. Many time often can be spent to observe carefully after the lock decides a prey, observe circumjacent environment, observe the condition of prey, computation may hunt fights way, seek decide and move, biff is killed surely. In the society of our mankind, the man is thought out ” hunt ” and can come back武汉红场海选DG with fruitful results, the individual thinks to want to have patience above all, enough patience. I feel on present gregarious media, it is small letter or road no matter, come up to strike up a conversation actively with you, you seduce the person around to fight material raging fire with you, either those who play celestial being to jump is unlicensed prostitute, true fine home is how likely in the world of the network be reached by a few your words and of your too impatient to wait roll a sheet, if be really, that can explain this woman has sufferred only stimulate or sicken psychology twist retaliates a society, this kind of person the husband’s comfort station, dare you go up? Go up dependably? Can successful feeling? So, if think good when hunter really, be about to have patience, careful observation prey, understand prey, discriminate prey, prefab good all sorts of setting are calculated good leeway, the biff with such dependable ability needs in, dependable enjoyment prey. The 2nd, time and ideaThe woman is a perceptual and consummate animal, be current of present social feminism all the more brings about lone woman independently plus feminine economy increasing, be in especially metropolitan in, for instance on north wide, alone the elite woman that one person enjoys the life cans be found everywhere, their mind is open but hold to a principle again, they chase passion of high quality of high grade life, pursuit but hold to rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity again, face so giant lone woman group so, how to infiltrate this group goes chasing, it is every man’s yearning thing. The card that sends like that afore-mentioned female netizens is same, the woman is very sensitive also pay attention to detail very much, because this needs to understand characteristic of her individual be fond of, disposition, ability finds breach, take the advantage of empty and enter. How to find breach? That needs time and state of mind. said so much, share a fact to hold case, city of a seaside goes going vacationing 4 years ago, hou Wei is believed in those days just arisen, had not resembled so popular now, everybody is in a new level, do not have a thing to shake, the result shook over one is Beijing together, add then, each other is a good friend, leave a little. Talk about cate from travel, talked about foreign life again from cate, talked about the understanding to life character again next, two people talked about 5 many hours on small letter, because common language is very much, have the experience that lives in abroad, still be fellow-townsman, still like travel, go after striking also resemblance to what give birth to vivid character, one kind meets the feeling that hates evening. A lot of people can think: Since each other has a feeling, meet about rapidly, rapidly bang bang already bang bang! No! No! My individual is exceeding detest one-night standing, this thing and look for a young lady to do not have what distinction, pure physiology sends the inner inane after discharge, the sense that gives a person is very bad, so we make love to also want sentient base, such ability body and mind are cheerful, divine Qing Dynasty enrages bright, relaxed and happy, improve the health. Chat a little while everyday then, she can say where to went to playing again, I can say I am in again which nation business, local local customs, chatted so fast 4 months, I know to had studied abroad in New Zealand before her, had taken green card, oneself have a company in Beijing, love eats, love plays, love travels. Later I do not have a many month to be contacted with her again, that paragraph of time is very busy really also, go up without time small letter, she also did not contact me actively. Actually, I consider as this paragraph of cooling time the activator that concerns between us later, because a woman has been been used to,become you become a friend, and it is the friend that an interest agree with each other, each other has good opinion, such she had been put down to your vigilance and guard, more what is more,the rather that she wants to find so eligible like me talk about friend also very not easy, so she can remember me actually, but hinder at the woman be proud charming, she won’t contact me actively. Break couplet then after a many month, I contact her actively, sent a small letter, very simple: Eat a meal together. She agreed, let me choose a place, I say I come off work very late, look for a place that lives nearly from her, send her to come home in the evening so very convenient also. Agreed. Tell me to stay in which village, let me choose a place. This one step is very crucial, the place that a wife can live her tells you, explain she trusts to you feeling is enough, and my reason is very natural, not abruptness. Meet for the first time after we meet fast half an year then, searched with cafe, eating thing did not remember, chat very well, just entered activity of 10 thousand external affairs that day, business suit change is walked on, impressional component is very high (her personally says later) , continue to chat next, do not have a thing to come out to eat a meal together of what, go abroad come back to still can take a few little souvenirs to her or cosmetic. Can work overtime occasionally because of my working property very late, do not be willing to go out eat, oneself like to drink congee, she also likes, again I am joking: I say to often work overtime to come home to do not have congee to drink in the evening recently, otherwise goes to your home you are done to me. She agreed. . . . . Go to her home then, boil the small greens that congee does really, eat very comfortably. A lot of people are the chance with think much better, attack directly. Actually at that time can attack, but after after attacking this, won’t having. The accomplishment with a successful the most crucial hunter faces temptation to want to know namely exercise restraint, such ability obtain bigger gains. What common says is to put long term angle big fish. Lie between 3 difference then of 5 go to her home having a meal, the greatest progress during this issued a building to play her hand once namely, the true feeling that has first love oh. During, she fell ill, during going to work, go buying city of Beijing of chicken broth over or across to send her the home, feed her to drink, divide substantially. I am taken to see her boudoir is sweet later, divide substantially! Played Duan Gangqin in her home again, gave her a surprise, divide substantially! I am in the seventh evening of the seventh moon abroad when, decided female singer of 99 blue bewitching, divide substantially! . . . . . After experiencing this a few times to be divided substantially, the thing later is success will come when conditions are ripe, holding her neck in the arms in her home for the first time, but did not overturn, stay to her read aloud want, next resolutely of definitely swing a head to go; Lay between two weeks to go to her home, decisive overturn. An ossicle wears a woman, the waist is very fine, the tit is not bi武汉夜网狼盟sz027g but very quite, leg very value, below very close, when entering, tremble all over. . . . Add small letter from first time, overturn to first time, the time of about 1 year when add up to is used, although battlefront is pulled very longly, but the time that accumulates a flower actually is not much, because meet every time,be to eat a meal to go, i武汉夜生活桑拿论坛网nclude to be in her home, and after bang bang bang, the time that every time is together is in commonly 34 hours, the reason is very simple, because I have cohabitational cummer in those days, see she needs to calculate good time every time, look for good reason, and go back cannot make cummer conscious give pe武汉桑拿夜网RMculiar. Tell the truth, with her it is sentient, she also wants to talk about marriage talking to marry, but when my that moment plays the wildliest just about, how likely Where is concentrate on more serious things? The friend of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun that maintained a year many so concerns, she is hurt very again among, flavor also is not quite in the heart, but can howBe away on official business outer, in pouring time difference, the wolf that thanks downstair speech is friendly people, did not reply one by one, the card of female netizen cries ” teach you how to make an appointment with bubble from feminine angle ” old card have two, female netizen name is called ” pistil is wet slow desire sweet ” , the wolf friend that have fun at can search, the cost that some friends oppugn me to restrict big gun is t

oo high, the understanding that actually everybody prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan to making an appointment with is different, the desire that I also said to the sexual love that does not have emotional foundation is animal instinct abreacts, I myself do not like the sort of abreacting be over the feeling with exceeding and empty heart, so I prefer education feeling foundation, so devoted time is more, but also enjoy this process really, the voice of some criticism says I am dallying with feeling, treat this as really previously a game, the game that a whole situation throws, now won’t, also do not have t武汉品茶BFhat time and energy to engineer go throwing, a few experience that just want to go oneself and comprehend share everybody, hope all drawing lessons from or each can counterpoise should see a storyHope all drawing lessons from or each can counterpoise should see a story This card is final by Casha2010 at 2016-8-16 09:32 editors2 editorsGrading records this note recentlyAttack to love wildGold coin+ 80No matter whether you accept red Bao Jing to go up! 2016-8-14 21:56Attack to love wildFormer achieve+ 1No matter whether you accept red Bao Jing to go up! 2016-8-14 21:56Attack to love wildContribute+ 1No matter whether you accept red Bao Jing to go up! 2016-8-14 21:56

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