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The belt is famous implement girl of dimension a group of things with common features (add from pat and recording) [achieve a hair formerly]Post of first time hair, if have wrong place,look edition advocate accord edits. Show two accessory are girl of dimension a group of things with common features to be patted oneself first, chose a when take sunglasses technically, also want the privacy of tutelar home after all, but the Bai Xi that can see a girl from video, plump, and different region amorous feelings. When wrapping girl evening some, frequency is recorded secretly, the girl makes love not lamp of get out of the way, do not have sex video and photograph so, but frequency can listen giving a girl is coquettish really to in one’s heart (frequency distributes 2 packets, one is put no less than) . Oneself are loved go whoring, love girl of dimension a group of things with common features especially, why? Because figure of girl of dimension a group of things with common features is good really, girl of unlike the Han nationality, or thin band does not have a bosom to do not have the buttock, or is fat without small pretty waist, have girl of dimension a group of things with common features only, thin still big grandma becomes warped buttock, still have small pretty small of the back, and the flesh of girl of dimension a group of things with common features is felt character send more closely, Give dimension a group of things with common features girls next renown, present dimension a group of things with common features girl quality is particularly high, it is mandarin wonderful, can listen to frequency come out all sorts of communication do not have a problem, and go up personally and do not have peculiar smell, most I play at least 10 come inside without apparent peculiar smell, love clean to mix very much pay attention to appearance very much. Begin an old practice now, why I played 10 come only this girl added small letter to pat frequency secretly in the girl, because only I am willing to spend purse night spend this girl 3 times, can say at the back of the reason. Knowing her is with a few males once the friend sings in KTV, called a few little younger sister, she comes in my eye did not leave with respect to move, gorgeous, plump, carry high (height 167) , demur does not say to let her come from beside oneself, what she sings is wonderful, this is me it is so good to listen to girl of dimension a group of things with common features to sing Chinese to sing for the first time, the ham and direct conquer of a Zhang Xinzhe I, after drinking a few cups of wine then, wear with respect to flicker added small letter, the girl did not refuse, Know to have show, other a few people the girl in him fill, have jade of my pity sweet cherish only, just accompany her to sing chat, the think of a way that wants to do her from the back is even more intense, then the illicit on small letter asks whether she is willing to go out a little, she says to see my person very pretty good, can consider, sing she said to drink too much wine today finally, not quite comfortable, and too late (before dawn is much at 3 o’clock) , sometime accompanies me to go out, came home with respect to disband next. Still be opposite midday the following day her bear in mind constantly, send small letter inquiry all the time, till fast afternoon day black ability says to connect, asked the friend that drank together yesterday, the little younger sister that says KTV is more expensive, 1K of one artillery piece, the 2K that wrap evening rises, say price directly with her then, she says I leave, order finally was in 1.5k wraps evening, excited hard verbal, went first-class hotel, waiting for her, but she says to there is a dinner party in the evening, behind schedule comes to the likelihood, what did I say, because slept last night fast at 4 o’clock, want go hotel sleep well shut-eye raises sufficient spirit, but excited all the time sleep to be not worn, lie to be able to feel cardiac jumps then sound, all the time when at 12 o’clock, still do not come, a bit angry, to her hair word does not come I do not wrap evening, one artillery piece went, she apologizes repeatedly, fast finally much at 1 o’clock ability comes, came the wine of a suit is angry, had drunk apparently much, saying was武汉夜生活网HT to drink half jins of alcohol, urge she bathes, angry also do not have the mood and her to be washed together, be in the bed is classy she, as a result she came out to involve the lamp from closet, try every possible way to persuade sb not lamp of get out of the way, say bashful, get into next by the nest, enter be being held in the arms by the nest I, that body get angry is hot, than I return heat maly, will cheat me to say on already a few months did not make love, more excited than me, next I begin to touch, on her body special soft, not be fat the sort of soft, she is not fat, but it is soft, say ham inside is harder commonly normally, but her ham inside feels a feeling to resemble doing not have bone same softness, think kiss, but wine gas is too heavy, dare not kiss, let her give an opening, act like a spoiled child a long time to also not be willing, say to drink too much be afraid that the mouth is spat, calculate cling to, fast at 3 o’clock, early with respect to drowse washed-up, begin to kiss a grandma, lick a body to go up, had not licked her a few times to not be willing, said to be overcome, the brother holds me rapidly, the chicken that saying to feeling me cling to the egg egg that kneading me prepares to take to me set, I also of hold back washed-up, cover on the belt strip off leg preparation is dry, but do not have disclose to go in unexpectedly for the first time, thinking at the beginning is disclose chrysanthemum went up, so close, let her help into, as a result she still is helpi武汉夜盟DFYHng chicken up the place of ability sends Ba Wanggang, this one cruel-hearted, the heart thinks chrysanthemum also disclose, blast of fast hold back, exert all his strength next disclose go in, super close, say I also had played a few women, but so close like her true first time, the feeling is not the vagina of disclose, it is anal, work suddenly namely next, I prefer traditional posture, when be being done with the girlfriend previously traditional pose she is very easy climax, press on the body especially the sort of, but this girl is not willing, let me establish a body to fight her leg the shoulder goes out to drill, come out for the first time go whoring is returned of her Mom see feminine abstract is begged, true fuck is mad wild, rise to satisfy her to be fought hold, but close really, did not work to want to shoot a bit for ages originally, as a result she pushs me, sticking up type of the back after hook says to let me next, say in that way she compares easy climax, I most be afraid of this pose, because come a few this years with the girlfriend, every time the girlfriend comes maternal aunt can be not had set inside shoot, type is carried on the back after the girlfriend does not like, traditional pose she is easy climax, it is traditional pose every time so allow style of the back after after she does climax be clear, she is used to satisfy me shoot inside me, so I am reflexed to this pose condition, shoot particularly easily, did not think of her more firm, dry girlfriend of type of the back after me is my leg inter, girlfriend leg is apart, this girl lets my leg outside, she is placing leg inter, insert, tighten originally, this pose is closer, the result did not do 2 minutes to be shot, as a result she still does not have bright, begin to seduce me, say what wants to hold in the arms, exert all his strength to be conceived toward me in auger, the ham that placing me next is in loiter exerts all his strength among her crotch, follow a kitten same, particularly lovely, but I did not sleep good last night originally, also did not rest by day, nod a long time to this again tonight do not rise really forcedly, shoot be no good with respect to what want dazedly to sleep, she sees me rise not to come really finally, must my side lies to wear her cuddle sleep, come in the arch in my bosom next arch goes, wait for her to sleep ripe later, I take the lamp of the mobile phone technically to saw next her minor acupuncture point, because always feel of disclose is chrysanthemum, minor acupuncture point is close really, fine one fine is seamed, adding them to like to blow pubic hair like Euramerican person commonly, it is really white tender pink, the hand should exert all his strength ability seam open saw the pink inside is tender. Each wolf friend understands why I like her now, the first she is very white really, nipple is powdery pink, forcing also is. The 2nd very soft really, the whole body is effeminate without bone, the 3rd very close really, those who feel chrysanthemum following disclose is same is close, the most important is, did not go out together with her the feeling of go whoring, she can carry a requirement to change a posture, meet you act like a spoiled child, what can blame you to shoot is too fast and she still does not have bright, follow to be together with the girlfriend same, Very true very along with the gender, you won’t become her prostitute, meet only very feel distressed she, cherish her, so I made an appointment with her the 2nd times. It is me what she makes an appointment with the 2nd, estimation is the flower that lack cash, this we did not drink, I also sleep is enough, when bathing together, admitted to see the whole body really, it is white really, do not have even private parts chrysanthemum any melanin precipitation all over, after bathing to brush a tooth she took night clothes of silk of bud of a suit black technically this, when lying on sofa to play a mobile phone very inviting really, what black bud silk and white skin divide is particularly clear, the dress that breasts maintains again is roused high, felt breasts a few times in the past I am hard washed-up, perhaps be the 2nd riper, can kiss mouth this, tell the truth this also is I come out for the first time go whoring still kisses others, just hit prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun to finish sth before, her mouth is to go up thin below thick, those who taste special is soft, especially when the tongue is kissed, that tongue, follow softly like a jelly was being put in the mouth, love not commentate mouth, incited next begin my mouth, the technology is general, but expensive mix in mouth the tongue is super soft, the chicken that contains the instant that go in to feel true cling to melted, how is there so soft woman on the world, mouth a few minutes I am not controlled a bit, go whoring can allow an opening for ages previously, ask how she is done first next, she says to let me above preexistence, but must fight her leg on the shoulder, use next particularly puissant bump deep insertion, illuminate then do, did a little while I am a bit tired, she says to bright comes a little while on her, next she turns over come up, when sitting from my body, I can feel the sort of wrap up feeling arrives from glans a ministry, she above oneself move, but other woman is staying her unlike to be smoked back and forth in that way insert, she likes to sit go i武汉桑拿夜网ADn whole chicken Ba Fang on your body next closely chafe back and forth, it is around only move, not be seesaw, moved me a little while to see her have bit of fast climax, she stops, say next ” elder brother, the family thinks the back carries type climax on the back ” , I say I am afraid that the back carries type on the back really, shoot very easily, she says to do not have a thing, she is fast also climax, like others to do her from backside, the s

ort of wallop is particularly contented, then I turn over rise, did not involve the lamp this entirely, look at that snow-white and plump buttock, the chrysanthemum with tender pink and almost the minor acupuncture point of a line, be no good excitedly, disclose just go in a few times, because the leg is placing her, there is obstruction particularly to feel when going in, within an inch of was not controlled, rapidly the egg that deep breathing pulls him, delay 10 come the second begins to selective examination violently, of a wave that makes then, she is likely nevertheless really in front also arrived become enamoured when, inserted suddenly do not arrive 3 minutes she begins to tremble rose, force with respect to what be no good closely 武汉夜生活论坛originally because the climax is placed,tremble again, the instant I with respect to capture gun. Still have 3 times of course, frequency is transcribe the 3rd, do not have recording the 2nd times before regretting two times especially or kinescope, this girl is the woman that my life first time includes night, do not wrap evening before, hit one artillery piece to go, because my this person lacks safe sense, unaccustomed beside sleep a new person, and she also is me exclusive go whoring of many a month the woman that included night 3 times 3 times, night of bag of a month added guesthouse to spend me 6K much ocean, the salary of half many month was done not have, but I feel to be worth, I talk about a talent to know she has a child of 2 years old actually with her later, 19 years old marry a person with respect to move be forcinged by parents, 19 years old gave birth to the child, because husband excessive drinking is added,20 years old do not let her go out to work to also do not give her any money divorced, now 21 years old (had peeked her Id) , but her minor acupuncture point resembles giving birth to the child far from, adv unimaginably the minor acupuncture point before she did not give birth to the child matters what kind of, so one is equivalent to famous implement the woman still has a man to be not cherished unexpectedly, recently because half month is away on official business to also do not have time to make an appointment with her, played 3 times to also have bit of dirt really nevertheless, and cost has a place really big, k, there still are a lot of other and beautiful sisters beside her, I had wanted a few small letters, preparation goes changing a taste to try, finally, welcome everybody to come big Xinjiang be a guest, here not only and beautiful dimension a group of things with common features girl, have the girl of the Kazak nationality and Russia more. Video.zip (731.17 KB) Video.zip (731.17 KB)Download frequency: 38342019-12-24 22:18 Frequency intercept 1.zip (653.92 KB) Frequency intercept 1.zip (653.92 KB)Download frequency: 20732019-12-24 22:18 Frequency intercept 2.zip (667.23 KB) Frequency intercept 2.zip (667.23 KB)Download frequency: 16752019-12-24 22:18Grading records this note recentlyAdjoining LaowangGold coin+ 80Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-12-26 08:26Adjoining LaowangFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-12-26 08:26Adjoining LaowangContribute+ 2Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard20武汉夜网品茶19-12-26 08:26

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