A Minimal Approach to Skincare with CLE

Cle Cosmetics, Photo taken by Alyssa of LPMA

(Cle Cosmetics Essence Air Cushion, $49 | Cle Cosmetics Oxygen Foam Cleanser, $28)

CLE stands for CreativeLassEsthetic.

Creative for being minimally designed beauty products using the latest Korean technologies to suit the modern woman for an effortless lifestyle.

Lass is a noun for a girl, or young woman. CLE Cosmetics is for a lass that cannot be described or named easily. You don’t know what it is but there’s an intriguing quality in how CLE Cosmetics brings out your own unique beauty. And that’s what makes you who you are, so effortless and natural.

CLE is an esthetic. An embodiment of the minimalist woman. A moment within daily rituals, where the sensation of touch is practiced. Femininity in the most subtlest form. The purest action of beauty; of self care.

CLE is for someone who etches away the unnecessary, and finds admiration within the raw core of what is left.

Cle Cosmetics Essence Air Cushion
(Cle Cosmetics Essence Air Cushion, $49)

I’m relatively new to cushion foundations as I’ve only used one other brand, Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion Brightening Foundation. Cle’s Essence Air Cushion has quickly become my go-to foundation for it’s ability to provide weightless, build-able coverage quickly. It has a light scent that smells amazing and it provides SPF 50! The finish is a luminous glow, so if you love the matte look, this cushion foundation isn’t for you.

Cle Cosmetics Oxygen Foaming Cleanser
(Cle Cosmetics Oxygen Foaming Cleanser, $28)

Cle’s Oxygen Foaming Cleanser is anything but basic. It’s a self-bubbling cleanser that foams up when lathering. So you get that tingling, refreshed feeling yet while still being gentle on the skin. A must for removing makeup and pollutants from the day.


*Review by Alyssa. 

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