A Scent of Sweden: Svensk Co

Svensk Co

Always intrigued by the Scandinavian simplicity and having lived there, Sofia wanted to grow a product line that had both the best raw materials and a modern and sleek design. And that’s how Svensk Co was born. As she expands her product line she holds that initial goal close to her heart. Sofia lives in San Francisco where she handcrafts each candle with love.

Svensk Co 2
(Svensk Co Sommarang Candle, $38)

Sommarang is swedish for, ‘Summer’ Meadows. And that’s the perfect way to describe the scent with a mixture of sweet floral lavender, and rejuvenating rosemary essential oils. It’s a perfect treat to light for kitchen and even bathroom.

Svensk Co candles contain the finest soy wax which burns cleaner and stronger than other waxes. Each candle is hand-poured, blended with signature mixes of essential oils and sealed with 100% natural cork stopper. The candles are then packaged in our hand screen-printed muslin bags.


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