A smooth Summer-ready body: Mission Accomplished

Arya Body Oil

(Arya Essentials Body Oil, $70)

One whiff of Arya’s luxe Ayurvedic oil, and you’ll be transported to another place—say, meditating at sunset along the Amalfi coast. The balancing blend of essential oils—sesame and coconut for deep moisturizing, and cell-regenerating rosehip seed, brahmi, and neroli—is the TLC your skin needs after a post-workout shower. It hydrates deeply for being so light (because being doused in thick oil is the last thing you want after a sweat session).

Arya Body Oil 3

This gentle and calming body oil is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Arya Body Oil Sample

Arya Shanti Body Scrub
(Arya Shanti Body Scrub, $68)

Shanti from the Sanskrit language means- peace. Exfoliate and renew the skin with this gentle but effective scrub that uses pure cane sugar and mineral rich Himalayan salt crystals, while the scents of  Jasmine and Vetiver impart a sense of calm. Sesame and Coconut Oil nourishes to leave you with silky hydrated skin.


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