Beauty Products to Toss, Keep & Buy in 2013 | Tips from Celebrity Dermatolog​ist Dr. Harold Lancer

New Year, New You, New Skin!Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer Gives You The 411 On What To

‘Toss, Keep And Buy’ In 2013

With the start of a new year and resolutions to live better, why not resolve to take better care of your skin? If your past is filled with less than thorough face cleansing, not enough exfoliation, missed sunscreen, and the occasional (or frequent) pore-clogging night falling asleep with makeup on, there is hope! 2013 can look bright – or better yet ‘radiant’ – with the help of leading ‘Dermatologist to the Stars’ Dr. Harold Lancer, who shares 3 very important steps to get the skin you love this year.

Treating Hollywood A-listers on a regular basis in his Beverly Hills dermatological practice, Dr. Lancer knows better than anyone what it takes to achieve glowing, healthy, beautiful skin – but your bathroom counter is where it all starts. So clean your cabinets and invest in new products, and you’ll start to see a glowing 2013!

1. TOSS all cleansing brushes, cloths, loofa and pads. Skin-cleaning ‘tools’ are difficult to maintain, regardless of efforts. “After continuous use, brush bristles wear down and become softer and less effective”, says Dr. Lancer, “which means it’s less likely to deep clean. Cloths and the like potentially harvest bacteria.” Overall, he feels they are unnecessary – with the right exfoliating product, fingers do the trick.

2. KEEP products containing rice extracts and rice derived ingredients. Rice extract is not only high in antioxidants but also anti-inflammatory (which means lower allergy potential). Rice-derived ingredients also offer and maintain anti-aging and moisturizing benefits for both short-term and long-term hydration to the skin.

3. BUY a skin-conditioning tool, like Dr. Lancer’s NEW Microcurrent Power Boost. This breakthrough hand-held vibrating device (the first of its kind) is specially developed using a pure Geranium-plated head which when glided over skin (in an upward motion over the cheek, chin, forehead and neck areas) increases blood circulation, and helps moisturizers and serums penetrate the layers of skin at deeper, more effective levels. It also boosts anti-aging benefits. The result is a more firm, refined, and luminous-looking complexion. Lancer Skincare Microcurrent Power Boost, $225

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