Become uplifted and grounded in the New Year with Species By The Thousands

Fortune & Levitating Lavender Candles by Species by The Thousands

(SBTT Fortune Candle, $28 | SBTT Levitating Lavender Candle, $32)

Erica Bradbury is the founder and creative director behind the unique Brooklyn-NY boutique, Species By The Thousands. From apothecary to ceramics and jewelry, this is the place to shop for that one of a kind item. Two favorite picks from the shop are the handmade 100% non-GMO, pesticide-free, American-grown soybean wax candles. Both candles are 8 oz and burn approximately 45 hours.

The Fortune candle has soft sandalwood notes with hints of wood, rose and patchouli essential oils. Besides the amazing aroma it has a rather creative fortune written across the label.

Levitating Lavender Candle by Species By The Thousands
(SBTT Levitating Lavender Candle, $32)

The Species By The Thousands Levitating Lavender candle has lavender top notes and rosemary for mental clarity. Just smelling this candle will improve your mood and relax the mind. 

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