au coucher du soleil – at sunset

au coucher du soleil - at sunset

(Lux Geo Circle Earrings, $8.95)


Lux Accessories is New York City based, family owned and operated costume jewelry and fashion accessories company, founded in 2005. The entire Lux team works to consistently enhance their trend-focused collections while also closely partnering with specialty chain stores to help them develop their own private label assortments of the most sought after styles of the season. The winning combination of fashion-forward design talent and competitive pricing strategies has helped give Lux Accessories a reputable name and key positioning in the industry.

au coucher du soleil - at sunset 2
(Lux Geo Circle Earrings, $8.95)

New in: Accessories | Poppy Chain Designs

Poppy Chain Designs Baby Heart Necklace

(Poppy Chain White Leather Choker, $19.99 | Poppy Chain Chain Necklace, $25.99 | Poppy Chain Baby Heart Necklace, $29.99)

if we were meant to be
my soul wouldn’t fly

as the wind blows through the green of the trees
as the air became a mixture of dust and cold breeze
i didn’t expect my soul to fly

Poppy Chain Designs Necklaces 2
(Poppy Chain White Leather Choker, $19.99 | Poppy Chain Chain Necklace, $25.99 | Poppy Chain Baby Heart Necklace, $29.99)


Poppy Chain Designs Necklaces 3
(Poppy Chain White Leather Choker, $19.99 | Poppy Chain Chain Necklace, $25.99 | Poppy Chain Baby Heart Necklace, $29.99)




New in: Accessories | Beaufille Fine Jewelry

Beaufille Fine Jewelry

Beau•fille, [bo-fee]  n. Adjective / 1. Handsome girl 2. A person that exhibits an effortlessly chic demeanor and unique sense of style 3. The combination of masculine/feminine, hard vs. soft Noun /

1. Canadian ready-to-wear and accessory line founded by sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon 2. Handmade artisan luxury.



Starting off the New Year right!

Details of Bagatiba Jewelry and Richmond & Finch cases

(Bagatiba 3 2E Gypsy Choker, $126 | Richmond & Finch Black Marble Glossy Case, $52)

One New Years resolution we can get on board with is to save money. It’s easier said than done especially when we love jewelry and pretty things like the above shiny new iPhone case from Richmond & Finch.

Bagatiba Gypsy Choker Necklace
(Bagatiba 3 2E Gypsy Choker Necklace, $126)
Richmond & Finch Berry Satin Stripes Mobile Case
(Richmond & Finch Berry Satin Stripes Mobile Case, $52)

To receive 20% off your Richmond & Finch mobile case, type in ‘lepetitmondea20‘ at checkout. Sadly, I don’t have a coupon/discount code for Bagatiba but I promise you will still be tempted to buy the entire line! Just remember those New Year resolutions, or go ahead with splurging once or twice this upcoming year- no one has to know.




Sleek and Simple: Milo Slides

Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a simple, uncomplicated black sandal. When we came across the Milo Leather Slide Sandal by Urban Outfitters we gave a quick sigh of relief. This is the perfect all-purpose option for summer. Not only is the under $100 price-point easy to commit to but the lack of unnecessary hardware makes them that more attractive and easy to rock day-to-night. Start making moves by clicking the photo above.


Noteworthy: Adaism

Adaism 1

Adaism 2 Clutches

Each of Annett’s Bourquin bags are crafted with a single piece of leather, fasted with a magnetic snap closure and available in three functional sizes. All of the materials she uses are carefully selected for their textures, durability and aesthetic and are well twinned with her construction techniques and handmade processes. Her accessories and her unique objects for the home reflect the timeless and effortless style of an independent personality. Modest simplicity of the bags silhouettes are effortless and minimally timeless.

Adaism 3

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A Mother’s Day Gift: Jewelry / Part 2

Sugar Bean Jewelry Petite Star Necklace

Sugar Bean Jewelry 2
(Sugar Bean Petite Star Necklace, $70)

Sugar Bean Jewelry is made with meticulous attention to detail, making this collection feminine and striking. Produced to look and feel like fine quality jewelry, Sugar Bean styles range from classic or trendy to more mature or younger looking, and their collection includes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that won’t break the bank! Most pieces are priced between $22 and $88.         



We’re certain Mom would feel so special with a “Loved” necklace for Mother’s Day!

0d005adf-506f-4100-b90c-e2afa3e08ac3 Sugar Bean Jewelry is:

  • Made from sterling silver and plated in 14k rose gold, yellow gold or rhodium.
  • All necklaces come standard with 2” extensions
  • All plating is twice as thick as industry standard.
  • Stones are CZ and all hand set. 
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