Tour Social Influencer Marianna Hewitt’s Glamorous Home

Marianna Hewitt Hollywood Home

Today we are touring the Hollywood home of Marianna Hewitt, the glamorous lifestyle influencer and blogger. There are few details of her day-to-day that are off the table, from makeup routines to diet ideas. Here, we take a close-up look on her Hollywood home after deciding to enlist the help of Home Polish interior designer Talia Laconi.

Talia Laconi embodied Marianna’s sense of glamorous style impeccably. From the subtle touches of muted blush tones, to the marble, and added gold accents, all are trending at the moment.

Marianna Hewitt Hollywood Home 2
(All Photos: Tessa Neustadt)

marianna hewitt home 3marianna hewitt home 4

Marianna was even featured in the magazine Harpers Bazaar, take a look here.



Vanity Series #2

Easy Tiger Co

(Jimmy Choo Parfum, $108 | SBTT Fortune Candle, $28 | Easy Tiger Co Print, $35 | Poppy Chain 14K Necklace | Poppy Chain 14K Heart Necklace, Sold Out)

This time I wanted to show a few new home decor items I got from Easy Tiger Co, a company based in Kansas City. They design really creative stationery and prints like the baroque one above, even drinkware like the straightforward mug below.

Close Up Shot of Jewelry 2

Close Up Shot of Jewelry
(Poppy Chain 14K Chain Necklace | Poppy Chain 14K Heart Necklace, Sold Out)
Easy Tiger Co No Mug
(Easy Tiger Co No Mug, $12)
Easy Tiger Co No Mug 2
(Easy Tiger Co No Mug, $12)

New In: Interiors | Neo-Classical Meets Modern


Interior MA is a wonderful compact apartment design of only 55 square meters by INT2 Architecture, located in a house built before the Revolution in Moscow, Russia. French neo-classical elements are seen throughout this small space, white walls, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling walls, parquet flooring, plaster cornices, wood shutters. The white walls work perfectly for reflecting light throughout the interiors and highlights the proportions of the room, showcasing clean lines. A minimalist black box in the space houses rooms with technical purposes (toilets, boiler room, kitchen) and storage (laundry, closet for clothing and shoes). It is situated in the center of the room, around the main functional area, the open plan kitchen and dining area with a four meters long island, a bar and lounge space with leather furnishings, bio fireplace and projector as well as a bedroom with work space.

neo classical 2 neo classical apartment 3neo classical apartment 4neo classical apartment 5neo classical apartment 6neo classical apartment 7neo classical apartment 8neo classical apartment 9

The herringbone pattern on the wood flooring makes the space feel luxurious and warm. The modern elements of the interior contrasts with the materials and style of classic architectural features of the walls and flooring. At the same time they seem to complement each other quite well. The home exudes character and personality, creating a whole incredibly designed architectural space.

I’m really loving the art featured by the homeowner!


New in: Interiors | A Venture Into The Vintage Glam Home

the vintage glam 1

I’ve always been interested in tiny house living, when I first saw a book about it a couple years ago before it was even mainstream. The thought of downsizing and owning only what you truly needed to live, being able to move your house wherever you wanted appealed to me. I did love the minimal aspect of it. Today’s tiny houses are so creative, there is no limit to what you can build.

Created by Tiny Heirloom for a Portland couple, Ben and Callie, the Vintage Glam Home is a sleek and sophisticated tiny house that allows them the freedom and mobility they enjoy.

Built on a 33′ gooseneck trailer, this 200 sq.ft tiny house comes with heated hardwood floors, a living plant wall, bathroom skylights, and a multi-functional platform that will include living, sleeping, and dining quarters. The kitchen includes granite counter-tops, white cabinets with dark handles, and a farm sink. The counter-tops and all white interior is what drew me to this space.

Would you consider living in a tiny home?


New in: Interiors | Small Scandinavian Apartment


New week and what better way to start it than with a nice Scandinavian apartment. What this apartment lacks in size makes up for in room opening industrial glass doors. This grey toned apartment is also styled by Scandinavian Homes, as you can see in some of the decor details throughout the entire home. It’s such a beautiful light-filled space!




( Photos: Adam Helbaoui for BOSTHLM )

Become uplifted and grounded in the New Year with Species By The Thousands

Fortune & Levitating Lavender Candles by Species by The Thousands

(SBTT Fortune Candle, $28 | SBTT Levitating Lavender Candle, $32)

Erica Bradbury is the founder and creative director behind the unique Brooklyn-NY boutique, Species By The Thousands. From apothecary to ceramics and jewelry, this is the place to shop for that one of a kind item. Two favorite picks from the shop are the handmade 100% non-GMO, pesticide-free, American-grown soybean wax candles. Both candles are 8 oz and burn approximately 45 hours.

The Fortune candle has soft sandalwood notes with hints of wood, rose and patchouli essential oils. Besides the amazing aroma it has a rather creative fortune written across the label.

Levitating Lavender Candle by Species By The Thousands
(SBTT Levitating Lavender Candle, $32)

The Species By The Thousands Levitating Lavender candle has lavender top notes and rosemary for mental clarity. Just smelling this candle will improve your mood and relax the mind. 

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Ignite Your Senses with Lite and Cycle

Lite And Cycle Featured Image

(Lite and Cycle Lavender Candle, $78)

Artist and designer Kristi Head created Lite + Cycle in 2013 with the intention of harnessing the aromas  of the wild to create genuinely pure scents and beautiful, functional designs. Applying her love of elegant aesthetics, belief in nature’s intelligence, and stubborn commitment to purity standards, Kristi creates refined products that nurture body and spirit.

Lite and Cycle’s signature geometric pattern is a modern take on the mandala, a spiritual and symbolic representation of the universe that, according to Carl Jung, signifies to the whole self striving for harmony. The open negative space at the center represents a quiet point of focus — the light.

Lite + Cycle 2
(Lite + Cycle Lavender Candle, $78)

Unlike many candles on the market laden with toxic synthetic fragrance and hidden chemicals, Lite + Cycle uses only clean essential oils to enhance the flow of a balanced life and bring truly healthy scent into the home.

  • 100% pure essential oil scents only
  • Non-GMO soy wax
  • Unbleached cotton wick
  • 65+ hours clean burn
  • Vegan + cruelty free
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Free of synthetics, dyes, paraffin, petrochemicals and phthalates
  • The lid functions as a striking surface for a strike-anywhere match
  • Refillable vessel

Is available in distinct fragrances like Sage, Bergamot, Vetiver, Urban Forest, and our favorite Lavender.

The lavender candle has an atmosphere of balanced and deodorized with a mood of calm. With delicate nuances of floral and green notes.