Ignite Your Senses with Lite and Cycle

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(Lite and Cycle Lavender Candle, $78)

Artist and designer Kristi Head created Lite + Cycle in 2013 with the intention of harnessing the aromas  of the wild to create genuinely pure scents and beautiful, functional designs. Applying her love of elegant aesthetics, belief in nature’s intelligence, and stubborn commitment to purity standards, Kristi creates refined products that nurture body and spirit.

Lite and Cycle’s signature geometric pattern is a modern take on the mandala, a spiritual and symbolic representation of the universe that, according to Carl Jung, signifies to the whole self striving for harmony. The open negative space at the center represents a quiet point of focus — the light.

Lite + Cycle 2
(Lite + Cycle Lavender Candle, $78)

Unlike many candles on the market laden with toxic synthetic fragrance and hidden chemicals, Lite + Cycle uses only clean essential oils to enhance the flow of a balanced life and bring truly healthy scent into the home.

  • 100% pure essential oil scents only
  • Non-GMO soy wax
  • Unbleached cotton wick
  • 65+ hours clean burn
  • Vegan + cruelty free
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Free of synthetics, dyes, paraffin, petrochemicals and phthalates
  • The lid functions as a striking surface for a strike-anywhere match
  • Refillable vessel

Is available in distinct fragrances like Sage, Bergamot, Vetiver, Urban Forest, and our favorite Lavender.

The lavender candle has an atmosphere of balanced and deodorized with a mood of calm. With delicate nuances of floral and green notes.




This Striking Home Is Everything We Love About French Interiors

Marie Claire Maison 1 ; Photo by Alex Profit

In Paris you can walk and lay your eyes on a visual feast of beautiful boutiques, cool cafés, and historic Haussmann buildings.These classic homes are revered by many, and it’s easy to see why. They are incredibly elegant, and despite their age, they have a modern feel about them, thanks to proud owners who have brought them into the future while respecting their pasts. This gorgeous example featured in Marie Claire Maison is exactly how we’d imagine stylish Parisians in Haussmanns to live. Architect Jean-François Faure renovated the interior to highlight the neoclassical bones with a nod to the present day. It’s a bright and airy home with an impeccable selection of designer furniture we’re lusting after.

Marie Claire Maison 2 ; Photo by Alex Profit for Marie Claire Maison

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Step Inside: A Beauty Vlogger’s Rae Stylish & Cozy Apartment

Rae's Apartment

If you’ve ever spent time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, trying to achieve the perfect cat eye or getting that healthy sun-kissed glow, chances are you’ve come across The Raeviewer. Southern California–based blogger Rae has amassed over 200,000 followers, thanks to her in-depth knowledge of skincare routines and thorough product reviews. She recently gut-renovated the two-bedroom apartment she shares with her Australian shepherd, Beau.

Rae's Apartment 2
[Photos: Jeff Mindell)
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Interior Decor: Three Potato Four Memo Board

Three Potato Four Memo Board

Now you can guarantee you never get bored with your gallery wall. Three Potato Four’s 10” x 10” White Letter Board comes with a 290 piece set of interchangeable letters and numbers you can swap out on a whim. It’s the perfect source of inspiration for those of you who work from home, with personalized modern messaging that’s easy to refresh from day-to-day. You can even ask your guests to leave their own note behind. Because as much as it’s for you, why not make your wall art a community endeavor?

Three Potato Four Memo Board
(Three Potato Four Memo Board, $50)



Sonia’s Bright, Modern Loft in Spain

Sonia 1

Sonia is a fashion photographer who creates bright, modern scenes. Images of style and a touch of rebelliousness inspire her work, as well as how she decorated her beautiful loft. Bright white walls are punctuated by accents of pink and green colors. Everything is in its place. All the incredible photographs in this loft? Taken by her. She also uses her home as a studio, so the light is essential, as is creating an organized, inspiring vibe.

Sonia Sabnani Loft

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