Earth Day | Tilly

(Tilly by Rosie Jane, $39)

Tilly by Rosie Jane is the newest fragrance from celebrity makeup-artist and creator of Leila Lou, Rosie Jane Johnston. Tilly is part of Rosie’s “Give Back” Program – where, for every four empty Tilly containers returned a signature Tilly roll-on oil is sent in return.

To keep up with the demand for paper, forests are being cut at a rate of 100 acres per minute. Glass and plastic are of the few products that can be completely recycled. Most often end up in landfills and never break down. Rosie Jane recognizes how important it is to recycle and reuse glass and plastic containers and also to cut down the use of paper that serves no essential need. Tilly is minimally packaged in all recyclable materials. The “Give Back” program encourages customers to return their empty containers to be recycled.

For every four empty Tilly bottles returned to Tilly, they send a free Tilly roll-on oil in return. So what are you waiting for!

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