Give the Gift of a Luxurious Bath This Christmas with Lush

Lush Christmas Gift idea

(Lush Pip, $17.95 | Lush Reindeer Rock Soap, $7.95 | Lush Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, $6.95 | Lush Nevermind The Ballistics, $7.95 | Lush Santasaurus, $8.95)

When you walk into a LUSH shop, take a look around. Each product you see on their shelves has been lovingly handcrafted by devoted people called compounders who slice, squeeze and mix up fresh batches every day of the week. There are real, smiling people behind every aspect of Lush’s business. They know the exact conditions under which it was produced, and which materials were used. This way, they can be absolutely sure that their products and shops are ethically sourced from beginning to end, and that they are of the finest quality. 

Lush Christmas Gift Idea 2
(Lush The Christmas Penguin, $7.45 | Lush Peeping Santa, $6.95)

Lush use minimal packaging as possible, thus reducing waste in landfills each year. From “naked” solid Shampoo Bars, Conditioners, Henna hair colors and Massage Bars, which save millions of plastic bottles from being produced, transported and disposed of every year. They provide customers with unpackaged options, which helps to increase awareness surrounding the overuse of disposable packaging and challenge other retailers to reduce their packaging too.

100% vegetarian, and against animal testing of any kind- you can’t go wrong with gifting a little Lush this holiday season. Follow on Facebook

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