Is Going Au Naturel, in Terms of Deodorant the Way To Go?

Natural Deodorant Round Up

(Lone Body Mint, $10.50 | Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh, $18 | Piper Wai Deodorant, $11.99 | Weleda Wild Rose Spray, $11 | Schmidt’s Rose + Vanilla, $8) 

au na•tu•rel adj. 1. in the natural state.* 2. naked; nude. 3. cooked plainly. 4. uncooked. [< French]

The organic beauty movement has become hella-popular over the past couple of seasons, with major brands and celebs offering all-natural or vegan product lines. And while it’s not necessarily my jam, I get the appeal. The products are better for sensitive skin, they’re animal cruelty-free, and the packaging is usually super cute. But all-natural deodorant??? A gal’s underarm maintenance is not something to be messed with. But here’s the thing, regular deodorants depend on an aluminum-based compounds that temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents you from perspiring. And the side effects associated with the said compound may do you more harm than the sweat does.
Alzheimer’s and breast cancer have been linked to the aluminum found in anti-antiperspirants. And if that doesn’t scare you maybe yellow pit-stains will. It’s the acidity of the aluminum that causes the dreaded reaction against your favorite white tee. Aluminum-free deodorants work, you just have to find the best option for your body. They come in oils, creams, sticks or roll-on’s, with scents ranging from eucalyptus to rose, citrus and sage, to name a few. But be forewarned ladies, there’s a detox period when you first make the switch and you just may stink for a couple of days.


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