It’s Not The 60’s But It Sure Feels That Way?

Province Apothecary Lavender Essential Oil Incense

(Province Apothecary Lavender Incense, $16)

When you hear the word incense, some may instantly associate the word with “hippy”, as the air was thick in 1960 with free-flowing incense and any other popular mood enhancing medley or concoction, I’m guessing. In today’s culture incense is often used in religious ceremonies and for recreational purposes like filling up yoga studio rooms. Burning incense is a peaceful act, and provides a relaxing environment unless you 1. have a headache, or 2. hate smoke. But at the end of a bad day at least you can light your incense and make the room smell fanfrickingtastic!

Province Apothecary Lavender Incense
(Province Apothecary Lavender Incense, $16)
This particular incense is a little different from the rest. Immediately opening from the package it packs a powerful punch of intense natural, real essential oil lavender. I pictured myself like I usually do(in my dreams of course) walking through a huge field of deep purple lavender in Provence France, and it’s about 65-70 degrees and I’m wearing a nice white dress.. oh sorry, I digress. The scent is calming and relaxing.
Province Apothecary infuse charcoal incense by hand with wild-crafted essential oils to bring you effortless aromatherapy for your everyday spaces. Each package contains 20 sticks. They also infuse their incense with pure therapeutic essential oils, no nasty + toxic fragrance oils. Go. Get. Yours. Now.


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