Kick bad breath to the curb this season with Pur!

Pur Flatlay ; Photo taken by Alyssa of Le Petit Mondea

(Pur Spearmint 9pc Gum, $1.69 | Pur Spearmint 20pc Mints, $2.49 | Pur Tangerine Mango 20pc Mints, $2.49)

What began with just a single pack of aspartame-free gum in 2010 has grown into a variety of delicious flavors and expanding product lines at a global scale. The Pur Company is following the same mission since day one: to make simple substitutions in everyday favorites without compromising quality to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Pur Gum & Pur Mints are sweetened with 100% xylitol: an all-natural sugar alcohol that looks and tastes just like sugar. Their products are also made with a variety of delicious, all-natural flavors. So what’s the big deal about the chemical aspartame? It’s a man-made artifical sweetener with 92 symptoms listed by the FDA, including headaches and nausea. Who wants to eat that?

Pur Flatlay 2; Photo taken by Alyssa of Le Petit Mondea
(Pur Chocolate 9pc Gum, $1.69 | Pur Cinnamon 9pc Gum, $1.69 | Pur Bubblegum 9pc Gum, $1.69 | Pur Peppermint 9pc Gum, $1.69)

All of Pur’s gum and mints are certified vegan, allergen-free, non-GMO, diabetic friendly, and safe for pregnant moms and kids. Don’t forget to enter the code (ALYSSA10) at checkout you will receive $10 towards your order! 

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