Le Petit Mondea Approved: URB Apothecary

URB Apothecary Rose Rosehip Body Oil ; Photo by Alyssa

(URB Apothecary Rose Rosehip Body Oil, $35)

URB Apothecary is created by Leyna and only uses the highest quality organic ingredients in every single product . Each one reflects Leyna’s good intentions , love for design and art, and deep-rooted fascination with the healing power of herbs and plants.

All URB products are cruelty-free, sls-free, paraben-free, and free of chemical addictives and preservatives.

Urb Apothecary’s Rose Rosehip Body oil is the ultimate oil for all true Rose lovers out there. It has real rose petals from { rosa damascena*} for that sweet floral aroma that envelopes you and makes you comforted. It’s not artificial or cloyingly fake. Made with:

  • SUNFLOWER OIL // {High in vitamin E, this oil has powerful anti-oxidant properties and also helps maintain your skin’s natural lipid barrier and by protecting and minimizing water loss from skin cells, keeping them hydrated and healthy.}
  • KUKUI NUT OIL // {The kukui nut tree is the official tree of Hawaii, and has been used by natives for hundreds of years. They recognized the oil’s high penetrability and soothing properties, and utilize it in helping sooth sunburns and chapped skin. Absorbs readily into skin.}
  • SAFFLOWER OIL // {A highly moisturizing oil with an exceptionally high amount of linoleic acid. Deeply soothing and one of the first choices for skin care recipes requiring moisturizing benefits.}

The oil glides on silky smooth and no need to wait for oil to absorb, it sinks right in. Who wants to be greasy stepping out of the shower in the summer humidity? No thanks! 

If you feel like taking care of your wobbly bits and be scented like a rose garden at the same time, this oil is perfect for you. ☺

Urb Apothecary Group Photo ; Photo by Alyssa
(Coconut Green Tea Facial Steam, $22 | Cheeks Lips Blush/Stain, $12)

Everyone here at Le Petit Mondea is need of a major facial. The sun is wreaking havoc on our skin! But since everyone on staff is leading their own busy lives a lot of us don’t have the time to schedule facials in the city. So on to the next best thing, Urb Apothecary’s Coconut Green Tea Facial Steam. How luxurious does this sound, breathing in the botanical medicinal herbs to soothe your skin and detox pores of impurities. When hot water is added to these medicinal herbs, their healing properties are released into the steam and carried to your skin and lungs.

{INGREDIENTS // Lavendula angustifolia* (lavender flowers), camellia sinensis* (green tea), cocos nucifera* (coconut), calendula officinalis* (calendula petals), rosa damascena/rosa centifolia* (rose petals), and good energy.}
*organic ingredient


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