Lotus Wei: Flower Alchemy


“Flowers reflect our own inner beauty back to us. They awaken and magnify our special qualities.”

The commitment to this philosophy is what serves as the foundation for flower alchemist Katie Hess and her aromatic elixir collection, Lotus Wei. Based in Arizona, Katie scours wild forests, deserts and gardens, hand-collecting precious, exotic flowers both locally and around the globe. These flowers are fused into a collection of serums, elixirs, and mists which are made to enhance clarity, and imbue a sense of calm and happiness into people’s everyday lives.

Whether misted externally or taken internally (as drops under the tongue or mixed in with water), these natural fragrances and organic skincare products are known to benefit sleep, happiness, motivation, creativity, inspiration, energy, innovation, and self-love. More still, products are sustainably harvested, chemical-free, and stay clear from animal testing.

1. Inner Peace to feel relaxed, calm, confident and comfortable with yourself.
2. Inspired Action to stay motivated, clear and decisive.

3. Joy Juice for more laughter, joy, playfulness and fun.

4. Infinitive Love to enhance and attract love by being kind to yourself.

5. Quiet Mind dissolves tension, quiets the mind and allows you to sleep more soundly.
6. Pure Energy to energize, revitalize and protect others from stress.

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