Masking, a Bedtime Routine Worth Getting Accustomed

Facial Mask; Stock Photo: Pinterest

(Stock Photo: Pinterest)

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or you want your skin to look its best, getting in the habit of masking can be beneficial. Facial masks can benefit all skin types- just make sure you choose the correct product tailored to your needs.

Masks can offer a wide range of skin care benefits in one easy application. From moisturizing, cleansing, detoxifying, clarifying, or resurfacing. “Using a mask is one of the steps of a good skin regimen”, says Karen Asquith, Toronto-based national trainer for G.M. Collin, a Montreal-made line of skin care products that’s sold in spas. “A mask blankets the skin, helping the active ingredients penetrate,” Asquith says. Some are even best to use overnight.

Complex Beauty is high performance, clinically proven, multi-tasking skincare with mask formulas that are effective, natural, cruelty-free, and budget friendly.

Complex Beauty
(Complex Lip Mask, $22 | Complex Smooth Operator Mask, $35 | Complex Rose Glow Mask, $35)

Beat dry skin with a hydrating mask like Complex Beauty’s Smooth Operator mask. It’s loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin C, cranberry, blueberry, green tea, hibiscus, and more to operate together to heal your skin. Even in summer months hydrating masks like the Smooth Operator are the key to calm, soothed skin that’s become dry or dehydrated.

Complex Beauty Smooth Operator Mask
(Complex Smooth Operator Mask, $35)

Complex Beauty’s Rose Glow mask aids in resurfacing your face, revealing a smoother and brighter appearance with the help of Glycolic Acid and rosewater. Using regularly and long-term will minimize the look of fine lines an wrinkles.

Complex Beauty Rose Glow Mask
(Complex Rose Glow Mask, $35)

Have you incorporated masks into your daily skincare regimen? Comment below your favorite’s!


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