MONQ Therapeutic Air, a holistic aromatherapy device used for mood

Monq Therapeutic Air

(Zen Monq, $20 | Sleepy Monq, $20)

If you haven’t heard of MONQ yet, you will soon. It is the newest, most innovative, and coolest aromatherapy device out there. Using a small portable device, you can experience aromatherapy variety of effects anywhere. When you use it, it lights up, letting you know that it is active. And you simply breathe in Therapeutic Air that your MONQ diffuses. It comes in 7 blends, so you can swap off depending upon your mood, with blends such as Happy, Zen and Sleepy!

Monq Therapeutic Air 2
MONQ is an organic, natural, tobacco free, nicotine free, way to experience the benefits of Aromatherapy. Simply open a MONQ and breathe in the Therapeutic Air that your MONQ diffuses. In their seven blends, each of which provides an amazing effect, like relaxation, or an energy boost.

They’ve given Le Petit Mondea a special code “LEPETITMONDEA10” that allows you to get 10% off any order at

Give it a try and let me know how much you like them!


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