Need that special gift that’s one of a kind?

The Citizenry La Piedra Coasters ; Photo by Alyssa

Look no further than one of the best online websites on the internet, The Citizenry.

La Piedra Coasters 2 ; Photo by Alyssa
(The Citizenry La Piedra Coasters, $55)

This is a company that celebrates the people behind the products they carry. There is a reflection of the collective of individual artisans; designers, and dreamers- who rally together across cultures and continents to craft the Citizenry collections. The Citizenry is a way of sharing those stories and products with everyone. Plus every dollar that’s spent supports fair wages, safe working environments; and a direct investment into artisan entrepreneurs.

The coasters above are handcrafted in Tonalá, Guadalajara and are made with Volcanic rock and marble, both are two of Mexico’s most incredible natural resources. They take eons to form under the earth’s surface. Then, with some skilled cutting and shaping, master artisans transform them into miniature works of art. 


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