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(Leonor Greyl Au Miel Shampoo, $30 | Leonor Greyl Huile De Palme, $50 | Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs de Jasmin, $60)

I recently has the immense pleasure of trying out three LEONOR GREYL hair products. The Shampooing Au Miel (Gentle volumizing shampoo), Huile De Palme (Pre Shampoo Treatment Essential Oil), and the Masque Fleurs De Jasmin (Conditioning Mask). If you haven’t had a chance to try these products-you must.

First LEONOR GREYL. The LEONOR GREYL brand has been around for over 35 years focusing on hair care treatment using only natural products. The meeting with her future husband Jean-Marie Greyl, in 1968, decided the creation of LEONOR GREYL brand. Jean-Marie Greyl has an extraordinary knowledge in botanics. While history may have been rewritten to reflect that the late 1960’s was widely accepting of all natural products, in actuality “Natural” was not yet the fashion but it was at this time that the first products to have success, and continued to have success today. One of the first treatments was called: HONEY SHAMPOO and it is now known as shampooing au miel. With the high quality and attention to detail of all the LEONOR GREYL products, success for the company was inevitable.
Now in the 21st century this family business is spearheaded by Caroline Greyl and her husband, a biologist, chemist and plant lover. I have no doubts that they will continue the success of this family tradition of silicone free and harsh chemical free products that contain healthy plant extracts for beautiful hair.

I would suggest you start with the Holy Grail product Huile De Palme if oil isn’t “your thing” you could always try the masque. The oil detangled, softened, and made my hair really shine. It’s not like traditional oils loaded with silicone’s either. It solidify’s and melts with temperature changes. To change the consistency back to oil run the glass bottle under hot water in the sink or the shower, simple and quick. The masque gave my hair an instant boost of softness and manageability. Can be used everyday or weekly as needed. The shampoo was interesting. When I opened the bottle and smelled the divine honey scent I was won over. It’s not the synthetic honey scent, it smells like honey and flowers and herbs. It is he most beautiful smelling shampoo I have EVER used and I wish I had a scent matching conditioner and body wash to go along with it. It makes taking a shower a luxury. OK. but 4 oz. That’s small. But you only need a small amount to thoroughly cleanse your hair. Following directions of depositing a small amount in your palms and emulsifying it then applying it to my hair starting at the scalp and working down I found that a little bit of the shampoo went a long way. I also found that if it didn’t seem to foam as much, a splash of water helped it along and I was able to get my whole head and shoulder length hair into a beautiful foamy, honey scented, vision of decadence. This shampoo rinsed out so clean and so well I never felt any residue on my hair. My hair was literally squeaky clean! After using this shampoo for a month (every other day 2 washes per use), I have a little less than half of a bottle left. At $30 this may seem expensive but the results are sooo worth it. Oh did I not tell you the results?

All of their products are exceptional and find their way on the world’s most famous manes. You know what’s on tour right now with Madonna? I mean besides a hot 20 someting Latino? Yup, Leonor Greyl products. The list of celebrities that can’t live without these items is a mile long. In fact, in this weeks issue of People Magazine, Emma Stone is styled to perfection with Leonor Greyl’s cult Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice.

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