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(Mama Mio Get Waisted, $70 | Mama Mio Shrink To Fit, $56)

Mama Mio began in 2005 by a group of three friends Sian, Kathy, and Jill. It started as a skincare company specialising in helping customers through pregnancy. But just the three have moved on in their own personal life-journeys and their own skincare needs, so has Mama Mio. They create products for themselves; to solve the skincare issues that THEY want to overcome, using the very, very best ingredients at the highest potency to ensure that every product really works. Mama Mio is in over 1500 stores in 8 countries, 150 of the most toe-tingling 5 star spas.

I used two of Mama Mio’s products once a day for a month before I wanted to give my opinions and results, the ‘Get Waisted’, and ‘Shrink to Fit’. First the packaging comes in a pump which is clean and hygienic.

The Get Waisted is a body shaper or (slimming potion) and is packed with NINE well proven ingredients designed to help combat fat deposits, tighten your tum, reduce puffiness, and – most importantly – maximise lipolysis. Shrink To Fit is a cellulite blaster and is packed with the most effective, expensive cellulite busters, circulation stimulators and antioxidants; all at very, very high levels.

The scent of each product is fantastic. Shrink to Fit has a floral smell but it isn’t overpowering, just fresh. Get Waisted has a light peppermint menthol smell. The texture of the two products couldn’t be more different as the Shrink to Fit has more of a liquid/serum consistency and a lot quicker to absorb into the skin and the Get Waisted is a thick, whipped texture and takes a lot longer to absorb. It’s an amazing rich moisturizer, it hydrated and gave my skin that plump-supple effect. It takes more time because the texture is so thick to rub it in. You have to be committed and consistent and really work the product in each thigh to get your money’s worth. Get Waisted was a lot lighter and made my skin instantly tight and firm. Both made my skin firm but it took Shrink to Fit at least 30 days to see results. You have to be patient with STF, it will make the cellulite look better and softer but it won’t completely get rid of it, no creams can do that. I recommend both products from Mama Mio because it’s nice to treat yourself knowing it will make a difference in the way your body looks and help with confidence.

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