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the vintage glam 1

I’ve always been interested in tiny house living, when I first saw a book about it a couple years ago before it was even mainstream. The thought of downsizing and owning only what you truly needed to live, being able to move your house wherever you wanted appealed to me. I did love the minimal aspect of it. Today’s tiny houses are so creative, there is no limit to what you can build.

Created by Tiny Heirloom for a Portland couple, Ben and Callie, the Vintage Glam Home is a sleek and sophisticated tiny house that allows them the freedom and mobility they enjoy.

Built on a 33′ gooseneck trailer, this 200 sq.ft tiny house comes with heated hardwood floors, a living plant wall, bathroom skylights, and a multi-functional platform that will include living, sleeping, and dining quarters. The kitchen includes granite counter-tops, white cabinets with dark handles, and a farm sink. The counter-tops and all white interior is what drew me to this space.

Would you consider living in a tiny home?

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