Product Of The Day: Priori Lash Recovery Serum

Priori Skincare Lash Recovery Serum

(Priori Skincare Lash Recovery Serum, $99)

There’s a secret we want to let you in on: you should be using a lash and brown conditioner daily. Wearing mascara (and not to mention curling) seven days a week can leave your lashes in desperate need of moisture.

One product that is clinically tested to enhance lashes in just two weeks is, Priori Skincare’s Lash Recovery Serum.

Priori Skincare Lash Recovery Serum 2
(Priori Skincare Lash Recovery Serum, $99)

This technological breakthrough formula contains a triple lipopeptide complex which are special proteins, and vitamin E to create a fuller, thicker and more voluminous looking lashes and brows. In addition green tea juice, and hyaluronic acid add moisture so you will be left with velvety smooth lashes in no time.

Priori Skincare Lash Recovery Serum 3
(Piori Skincare Lash Recovery Serum 3, $99)


You can purchase the serum HERE or: 

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