Product of the Week: The Memobottle

Memobottle A6
(A6 Memobottle, $22)

The Memobottle Story 

The memobottle™ was born from two main frustrations that the creators (Jesse Leeworthy & Jonathan Byrt) saw in society whist growing up together in a small coastal town south of Melbourne, Australia.  As youngsters they were constantly spending time at the beach/outdoors and noticed an increasing number of plastic water bottles being washed ashore at local beaches and waterways.  The two decided to look into the environmental issue a little further. Initially they had no idea how large this problem was. They couldn’t comprehend how in a country that provides such clean and accessible drinking water; people would still buy single-use water bottles – paying over 1400 times more than perfectly drinkable tap water.
Memobottle Image Beach
[Photo by: Memobottle]
Resembling the shape of a piece of paper, the memobottle™ fits where other bottles don’t. The memobottle™ takes on the dimensions of the A5 and A6 international paper sizes, allowing it to conveniently slide into your carry bag alongside your laptop, books and other belongings.
The memobottle™ is not only a beautifully designed product, but it also holds the ability to become a vehicle that changes society’s mentality around how water can be transported and consumed. It is the balance between improved life convenience and environmental responsibility.
It’s a common belief that plastic is The Devil. However, due to the monstrous embodied energy in Aluminium and Stainless Steel products, (considering raw material to product) reusable plastic bottles are actually 80% more environmentally friendly than their counterparts.
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