Starting off the New Year right!

Details of Bagatiba Jewelry and Richmond & Finch cases

(Bagatiba 3 2E Gypsy Choker, $126 | Richmond & Finch Black Marble Glossy Case, $52)

One New Years resolution we can get on board with is to save money. It’s easier said than done especially when we love jewelry and pretty things like the above shiny new iPhone case from Richmond & Finch.

Bagatiba Gypsy Choker Necklace
(Bagatiba 3 2E Gypsy Choker Necklace, $126)
Richmond & Finch Berry Satin Stripes Mobile Case
(Richmond & Finch Berry Satin Stripes Mobile Case, $52)

To receive 20% off your Richmond & Finch mobile case, type in ‘lepetitmondea20‘ at checkout. Sadly, I don’t have a coupon/discount code for Bagatiba but I promise you will still be tempted to buy the entire line! Just remember those New Year resolutions, or go ahead with splurging once or twice this upcoming year- no one has to know.



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