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Screw Society. Be Beautiful.

Hey there! I want to do two things with this post: 1. Share my everyday beauty routine, and 2. Tell you why you should ignore society’s rules with beauty.

Everyday for me is actually fairly simple when it comes to putting a face on and feeling human for a while. Naturally, we must start from the top and work our way down!

I have a full head of fine hair that isn’t naturally straight, nor wavy.  It’s an in between sort. Therefore, I shampoo and condition my hair with Herbal Essence’s Tousle Me Softly.  After that, I shake my hair out, towel and air dry.  I only use a blow dryer if I’m in a major rush to get my hair curled.  After I part my hair where it needs to be, I spritz my hair with Garnier Fructis’ Wonder Waves and scrunch my hair to enhance its awkward natural waves. After that, I spray some Herbal Essence’s Volumizing Spray  for a little extra hold and to add volume to this flat hair. That’s literally all I do for my hair. No brushing.  If I brush it, it will become a poufy mess that can’t be controlled unless I straighten my hair.  No one has time for that (it takes almost an hour to straighten my hair)!

After my hair is taken care of, I move on to my face. Now, typing it out will make it seem like I do so mkayuch more, but it’s really only a ten minute process, if that.  I start with a generous amount of Aveeno’s Creamy Moisturizing Oil as a base before my foundation. That sounds odd, but doesn’t it make sense? Build the base in order to build a foundation, right? Anyway, it keeps my face moisturized so the makeup doesn’t dry out my skin. Next, my makeup of choice is all Cover Girl. I start with the ivory Oil Control Foundation. I just realized how ironic that is, considering my moisturizer. I apply the foundation on my trouble spots, and any red areas on my face. Which most of the time, it’s an all-over pale girl problem?

Next, I use natural rose colored Cheekers Blush.  I use this sparingly, since I’m already fairly red naturally and I only use this as a bit of an enhancer to my cheek bones. I purposefully put the blush on before I put on my powder. This way, if I accidentally make the blush too dark–because let’s be honest, I will–I can cover it up with a little extra powder.  Next, I use the lightest colored Professional Loose Powder and apply it all over my face and neck to even out my skin tone.

By this point, I look even more like a ghost because my eyelashes are just as pale as the rest of me. So, I start on my eyes–my best feature, in my opinion. I start with my eyeliner. I use the Midnight blue Perfect Point plus Eyeliner on the top and the espresso (brown) on half of the bottom. I create a thin as of a line as I possibly can on the top liner, and the bottom liner is simply to remind people I have lashes on the bottom of my eyes. Next, I use the brown Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Eyeshadow, and I only use one or two of the colors for everyday use. I put the lightest tone on my entire lid, then the light brown on the bottom half of my lid for a little color to help my eyes pop more. Finally, I use the brown-black Lashblast Length Mascara only on my top lashes to emphasize my long lashes and to finish off my eyes. To finish off my entire look, I apply sheer coral Nivea’s A Kiss of Care and Color lip balm. I’m not much of a lipstick girl.  I wear it on special occasions but every day lip care, is good ol’ lip balm for me.

That’s it! That’s all I do to get my every day look! I think it works out real nice for me.

There are people who think I don’t do enough for my hair and makeup, I don’t do it correctly or that I do too much. You know what I want to say to those people? Screw you. It’s my face and my hair, not yours. So why do you care what I do to myself? I’m not putting a face on every day for you or for anyone else. It’s for me. I like the way I look and it makes me feel good about myself and therefore, helps me perform better at work or in life itself. So step off society. Okay?

Sure, there are really great ways to enhance a person’s natural beauty and that’s an important part of wearing makeup. But there are also really fun ways to wear makeup. Who are you to tell another person how to do their face? If they found some crazy, out-there style that they want to try out and it makes them feel good about themselves, then so be it! They’re happy and that’s all that matters. So take your judgements and your pre-conceived notions of what it means to be beautiful and back off.

To you, people who enjoy wearing makeup and are tired of being judged for it, take this as the sign you’ve been needing to love yourself and enjoy what you do to feel beautiful. If you get ready in the morning and are happy with what you see in the mirror afterwards, good! Walk out of that door ready to take on the world and anything it throws your way. You’ve got this, you are beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Alright. Rant over.

Go out there, and make sure you feel beautiful and happy!

Until next time,



Kay is a 21 year old college junior who blogs at My Gibberish