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The Skin Fix | Kayo

Kayo Better Body Care ; Photo by Alyssa

(Kayo The Body Beautiful Creme, $58 | Kayo Daily Vitamin Boost, $56 | Kayo Daily Remodeling Cream, $46)

Kayo believes in protecting, enhancing, and rejuvenating 100% of your skin, rather than just the 5% on your face. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and first line of defense — treating it topically is vital for total beauty and wellness.

Kayo developed Face Grade Body Care, a combination of clinically proven active ingredients and precious natural plant extracts and oils, pure enough for your face, yet specifically formulated for your body. By offering obtainable luxury to those who want nutritious and impactful ingredients formulated for their body, Kayo, Better Body Care addresses aging while maintaining its purity for safe application all over the body’s biggest organ – the skin. The formulations are designed to stimulate skin metabolism and restore radiance, elasticity and firmness to skin for whole body health, because as with skincare products for the face, Kayo, Better Body Care delivers results

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