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Taking Time Out With Cure De Repos

Cure De Repos
(Cure De Repos Spa)

Contrary to some, a trip to a day spa is a not an extravagance. Since stress looms around every corner, everyone needs a break or a little “me” time to get away. Imagine having a whole day to to yourself. Moments by yourself give you time to recharge and recover your resources from the stress of being around others. You essentially reset and recharge your battery.

If you are in the Philadelphia, PA area stop by the quaint spa Cure De Repos. It has exceptional customer service, a welcoming atmosphere, and customized spa treatments that include a Swiss facial, and a specific 90-min Cure facial. They have every massage you can dream up from Reiki, Hot Stone, to the Mu-Xing massage- which uses warm bamboo and rosewood tools to go deeper into the muscle tissue. Work those muscles!

If you’re in Pennsylvania, swing by Cure De Repos for one of their signature services and if you’re not, feel free to shop their online boutique for select cult favorites like Kypris and Meder.

Cure De Repos
(Cure De Repos)



8133 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA, 19118
United States