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New In: Beauty | Karuna & Twin Face Facial Sheet Masks


I’m a convert. After trying sheet masks for the first time today I’ve completely given up the old-fashioned, messy, smearing globs of clay substance on my skin and then having to take the time to wipe my face with a washcloth then rinse.. too much trouble!
Facial sheet masks are thick paper or cloth masks cut out in the shape of a face with holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. The paper mask is then soaked in liquid or essence and sealed in a foil pack for one time use. These babies are all about convenience.
Sheet masks target 2 main areas of skincare concerns – hydrating and brightening. It’s an east meets west beauty evolution that has finally saturated the US market. Natural ingredients have evolved. Face masks have evolved. Beauty regimens have evolved. Customer lifestyles have evolved. Karuna and Twin Face are part of that evolution.
I tried Karuna’s Clarifying and Anti-Oxidant Mask and saw INSTANT results after 20 minutes. The custom blended formulations in each mask contain active ingredients at concentrations of 10-18%. My skin was calm, blotchiness be-gone! Significantly improved tone and texture(I’m talking about baby bottom soft). One teeny tiny complaint was the blemish that popped up the next morning on my cheek. I’m assuming from such high concentrations of sodium hyaluronate? Side stepping that, I’m still raving about Karuna though- 5+ stars!
After following such powerful products I’m not thrilled about Twin Face. I’m young and don’t have many wrinkles to worry about so it was difficult to gauge how well the Twin Face Anti-Wrinkle Butterfly Sheet mask performed. I will give it points for plumping and firming but the mask was so thin with very little serum compared to Karuna.


The other mask I tried was the Intensive Moisturizing mask which is suitable for all skin types including dry. It contains natural moisturizing aloe that not only efficiently reduces fine wrinkle lines, but also contains skin soothing effect and helps with skin repair. It also contains hyaluronic acid and natural hard polydextrose have long-lasting and quick moisturizing capabilities. They can help the skin absorb a large amount of water and prevent it from evaporating, making the skin soft and smooth while keeping the water dual moisturizing effect. This masks does what it claims to do, it hydrates efficiently and soothes it.

The thing about masks of any sort is with regular use. So if you want to see any lasting effects on your skin, you might have to use them regularly at least once or twice a week. I’m negligent so I tend to use them when I remember or when I feel the need for a little pampering. I really should be more diligent. Mostly, I’d say whether you use or like using sheet masks boils down to a matter of preference. It can actually work out costlier than a cream mask, but if you just use it intermittently, its not all that pricey. |