This Striking Home Is Everything We Love About French Interiors

Marie Claire Maison 1 ; Photo by Alex Profit

In Paris you can walk and lay your eyes on a visual feast of beautiful boutiques, cool cafés, and historic Haussmann buildings.These classic homes are revered by many, and it’s easy to see why. They are incredibly elegant, and despite their age, they have a modern feel about them, thanks to proud owners who have brought them into the future while respecting their pasts. This gorgeous example featured in Marie Claire Maison is exactly how we’d imagine stylish Parisians in Haussmanns to live. Architect Jean-François Faure renovated the interior to highlight the neoclassical bones with a nod to the present day. It’s a bright and airy home with an impeccable selection of designer furniture we’re lusting after.

Marie Claire Maison 2 ; Photo by Alex Profit for Marie Claire Maison

Marie Claire Maison 3 ; Photo by Alex Profit for Marie Claire MaisonMarie Claire Maison 4 ; Photo by Alex Profit for Marie Claire Maison

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