Treat Your Skin 5 Ways With Para Goods Luxurious Products

Para Goods Review
Para Goods Review 2
(Para Immortal Facial Serum | Para Jasmine Sandalwood Tonic Mist | Para Nenekti Purifying Mask, $38)

Instead of spending your weekend lounging in bed while watching Netflix, try multitasking to improve your complexion whilst binging on your favorite guilty pleasure shows. Treating your skin better is an ongoing process, as anyone with skin woes can attest, but making several small tweaks can bring you within reach of a better complexion over the next three days.

Come Friday morning, you will be fresh-faced and radiant despite subsisting on no sleep, trans-fat-laden-foots, and day-old makeup. Here are five simple ways to treat your skin better this week.

  1. Give Yourself An At-Home, 10-Minute Facial

    Para New York Review
    (Para Nenekti Purifying Mask, $38)

    You may be under the impression that a facial is an expensive, in-office treatment which requires at least an hour of your precious leisure time. However, you only need ten to fifteen minutes this week for an abbreviated, at-home treatment which will leave you refreshed and radiant for the weekend ahead. First, prep your face by removing makeup with wipes or a gentle liquid formula. Next, cleanse your face with a massaging motion to remove trapped dirt, relieve stress, and potentially improve the tone and circulation of your skin. Next, use a gentle exfoliant to rid skin of dead skin cells, which tend to be more prominent in dry winter weather.

    After your face has been washed and rid of flakes, slather on a 10-15 minute mask like Para’s Nenekti’s Purifying Mask. Activating this mask with water releases the soft scent of Mexican hot cocoa to help you unwind and indulge in a moment of self care. Formulated to reduce inflammation, deeply cleanse the pores, and exfoliate dull skin, Nenekti possesses potent antibacterial herbs cinnamon, tulsi and hyssop; redness reducing and healing zinc; clay for deep pore cleansing and pore minimizing; antioxidant and youth preserving cocoa powder; acne busting turmeric; and wrinkle reducing frankincense.

  2. Use A Moisture Packed Mask To Calm & Sooth Skin

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    (Para Soma Raw Honey Mask)

    Try Para’s Soma Raw Honey Mask. The basis of this mask is skin loving raw honey.  It is full of phyto-nutrients antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals, all of which repair and maintain the natural radiance of our skin.  A touch of beeswax acts as a humectant drawing moisture to the skin for re-hydration.

  3. Mist Your Face With An Anti-Bacterial Toner

    Para’s Jasmine Sandalwood’s Tonic Mist is made with silver, which keep breakouts at bay. A blend of vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang are well known aphrodisiacs that also act as antidepressants. Sandalwood and jasmine are both hydrating and calming to the skin and ylang ylang balances the sebaceous glands.

  4. Layer Products Accordingly. First Serum, Balm/Moisturizer, and Oil if Needed.

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    (Para Immortal Serum)
  5. Layer Next Step, Moisturizer. Then Oil.

    Para’s Chaya is a light beauty balm and easily absorbed, just like the above Immortal Serum, the beauty balm can be layered. It’s made with supercritical whole plants like turmeric and chamomile that are exceptionally calming to inflamed and sensitive skins in need of relief from rosacea, acne, or eczema. Next apply your favorite oil or Para Goods Immortal Facial Oil. It’s a great multi-functional skin repairing powerhouse and feels so opulent. It has a sensuous scent of woodsy sandalwood that leaves you intoxicated.

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