Verso Skincare | Day Cream Review

Verso Skincare Retinol 8 Review

(Verso Day Cream, $100)

I’m sure most have heard about the anti-aging benefits of prescription retinoids, retinoic acid AKA Vitamin A, but these are heavy duty anti-agers which often come with unwanted side effects namely skin peeling and flaking (extreme in some cases) and sun sensitivity.

Over-the-counter formulas contain a derivative of retinoic acid/Vitamin A called retinol which is a gentler and more well tolerated by sensitive skin types, but it often takes longer to see results.

There are other weaker versions of retinol which I’ve tried including encapsulated retinol, but my sensitive skin has always rebelled. It has never been able to tolerate any form of retinol, much less prescription strength retinoic acid.

Retinol seems to be a genuine super-ingredient that has been proven to help fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen production and help the skin to look and feel younger. Verso Skincare is a Stockholm based skincare brand, where Verso is latin and means reverse. The line is based on an active ingredient called Retinol 8, which they say is up to eight times more effective than other over-the-counter retinols.

Verso Skincare Day Cream Review
(Verso Day Cream, $100)
Verso Skincare Day Cream Review 2
(Verso Day Cream, $100)
Verso Skincare Day Cream Review 3
(Verso Day Cream, $100)
Verso Skincare Day Cream 4
(Verso Day Cream, $100)

The cream is lightweight, absorbs quickly, intensive, fast-acting, all while being super gentle on the skin.

The verdict: While it’s pricey ($100) this serum is a good buy for someone with sensitive skin. You most likely won’t get any redness or peeling (I didn’t), and your money will go further in the long run for long-lasting skincare benefits.

Do any of you use retinols, and would you try this one? If it’s too pricey for you, what’s the max you’d spend on a skin care cream?

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