What are BB Creams, and what are they used for?

Missha BB Boomer Review

“BB” stands for Blemish Balm, but you don’t have to have a single blemish on your skin to use and love BB creams. BB creams are great for everyone with any skin color or any skin type. Here is more on where BB creams came from, how you use them, and which ones to buy.

Where did BB Creams Originate?

BB Cream was created more than 50 years ago by German Doctor, Dr. Christine Schrammek. It was initially created to be used to help heal skin after skin peels as well as hide any scars and redness post peel treatment. It was later introduced in Asia, specifically South Korea where K-pop stars and K-drama stars made note of its ability to transform skin. With several big-name stars endorsing it in South Korea, consumers went wild for it.  After consumers became obsessed with BB creams in South Korea the trend made its way to Europe and the United States where it has become a mainstay beauty and skin product. Now all major American make-up and skin care companies are producing their own BB creams.

The Korean products are also easily available in the United States which means you have many options to choose from when it comes to deciding which BB is right for you. Missha has a great new product called BB Boomer, which boosts the adherence and duration of the BB Cream you currently wear- it’s essentially a primer. BB Boomer has diamond and pearl powder that makes skin look brighter and radiant leaving a soft after feel. It contains Moringa, a patent ingredient that is natural moisturizing and enhances spread-ability. BB Boomer also contains Olive and Mannon which are both great moisturizing agents. All three ingredients keeps moisture on skin and creates a superb moisture shield. The adenosine and arbutin brighten long term and provide wrinkle care benefits.

Missha BB Boomer 2
(Missha BB Boomer, $15)

It has a faint scent of baby powder but not overpowering. And it’s packaged in a pump dispenser which is a no-mess, fuss-free way to dispense product without wasting. No joke, your skin will be left with a dewy-glow when used alone or under BB cream or foundation.

Missha BB Boomer 3


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