Your New Skincare Must: Glycolic Acid

Beauty Rx Progressive Peel

(BeautyRx Progressive Peel, $69.95)

In “natural” #green skincare, there is plenty of talk about not putting chemicals on your skin. I don’t want to leave out the importance of using a great acid for exfoliation and anti-aging, and one of the best is glycolic acid. This acid is highly effective and can take you one step closer to perfect skin. It targets fine lines, brown spots, adult acne, enlarged pores, and can visually smooth the texture of the skin. Glycolic acid is more gentle because it has the smallest molecules which are able to penetrate your skin deeply and yield stronger results, including regenerating collagen.

Two great products I recommend that contain glycolic acid are from BeautyRx, which evolved from the board-certified dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz, who for the last 30 years has maintained a thriving medical practice, Park Avenue Skin Care, on the Upper East Side of New York City. The Progressive Peel is a six week system that’s gentle yet delivers results super fast. I noticed my pores looking smaller by week two, a few breakouts I had cleared up, and my skin glowed my week four. And absolutely no irritation I get from retinoids. I recommend this peel if you’re new to the game of peels or looking for a refresher.

BeautyRx The Progressive Peel
(BeautyRx The Progressive Peel, $69.95)



BeautyRx Gentle Exfoliating Eye Cream
(BeautyRx Gentle Exfoliating Eye Cream, $60)

I also have been using BeautyRx Gentle Exfoliating Eye Cream. An exfoliating eye cream, what? Too good to be true? Actually it isn’t. I wanted to wait a full three weeks of using it before reviewing and I’m telling you- go buy it now! The price is a little high but it’s worth it. It should be in stock at Sephora or Ulta because it’s that good if not better than most eye creams I’ve tried. It hasn’t irritated my skin, it’s made is smoother and brighter. My under eye circles don’t appear as prominent, and have faded slightly and that’s good enough for me.


BeautyRx Gentle Exfoliating Eye Cream 2
(BeautyRx Gentle Exfoliating Eye Cream, $60)


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